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Tough Sudoku for 2/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First today
02/Jul/07 12:07 AM
02/Jul/07 12:34 AM
Reminds me - I have to feed my feathered friends - I went out to my garden yesterday and found a mother bunny inside my fenched in pen and her baby - who showed me where the hole was that they bite out. Well, to each their own - to them - it is their heaven okay - off to start my day. Mary
02/Jul/07 12:49 AM
Interesting bird feeder.
02/Jul/07 1:24 AM
12:56, using automatically remove possibilities.
02/Jul/07 3:02 AM
Great photo, which 'captures' one of the hummingbirds in flight. The wings are just a blur. Who's the photographer?
02/Jul/07 3:40 AM
Great picture! - Speaking of Hummingbirds......Does anyone have a 'sure cure' for keeping the ants out of the feeders. I have been using Vaseline and they just walk through it! I have used 'Bounce' dryer sheets and that doesn't work!
02/Jul/07 3:41 AM
Very nice picture.
Good Maen to everyone.
02/Jul/07 4:44 AM
I start by saying this is not my photo. When we were last in Canada I spent a long time trying to get a decent photo of a Hummingbird. When one finally started to feed it was so late in the day that the automatic flash on my camera worked The bird reacted so fast that all I got was a blur about More...
02/Jul/07 5:56 AM
Had to take one tiny guess to get this one tonight. Maybe if it was earlier in the day, my patience would have let me peruse it a bit long before giving in. Nice hummingbirds . . . I always thought they were a bit lighter in color, but perhaps there are different varieties.
02/Jul/07 11:37 AM
Is that rose`, red water or a red feeder??
02/Jul/07 1:44 PM
Lovely photo.
Ian:Don't they have humming birds in Australia?
Patty: We have several different varieties I've seen around here.One tiny guess did it for me too. Usually I get well stuck on toughs.
It's Canada Day - the first here - We've still a few hours till it's dark enough for the fireworks.
02/Jul/07 2:21 PM
02/Jul/07 2:38 PM
Island Bea, sorry it has taken so long to answer your question but it has been a busy day. No, we don't have Humming Birds in Australia - unfortunately.
02/Jul/07 8:58 PM
Great shot.
02/Jul/07 11:41 PM
03/Jul/07 9:40 AM

06/Sep/10 11:39 PM
1.SST to UP=32
2.(9=8)b7-f7=(68')f89-(5)f8=e8-(5=1)e1-(1=9)c1 => c78,b2<>9 UP=42
3.FXW(2)ai69 => a4<>2
4.FSF(7)ceg258 => g3<>7
5.(6)g3=g5-(7=146)g45h5 => g3<>1
6.AUR(49)hi28 => i8=1, STE.
30/Dec/10 12:00 PM
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