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Medium Sudoku for 2/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I would just say the Look out
02/Jul/07 12:14 AM
I'd say it was a duck!
02/Jul/07 12:15 AM
6:33 Duck or eagle? I'm sure I heard it quack so it must be an eagle!!!
02/Jul/07 12:26 AM
I would say it is a duck that thinks its an eagle.
02/Jul/07 12:33 AM
Good morning to all. A duck for sure!
02/Jul/07 12:37 AM
02/Jul/07 12:37 AM
Or even a deagle.
02/Jul/07 12:57 AM
It looks like a duck, but does it walk like a duck?
02/Jul/07 12:58 AM

Sitting Duck?
02/Jul/07 1:04 AM
A unique angle. I hope the photographer was careful of any droppings. I think it is a dugle.
02/Jul/07 1:08 AM
4:11 If it's flying overhead, 'DUCK'!!!
02/Jul/07 1:10 AM


I watched an eagle chase an osprey at a local lake recently. The osprey had a fish in its talons so it was encumbered as it performed the moxt amazing avian acrobatics to evade the larger bird, but the eagle persisted until the osprey dropped its catch. Then both birds flew away. I hope the fish survived, at least.
02/Jul/07 1:34 AM
Timer stuck, avg time, no clue about the bird, what a humdrum start to a Sunday! Got to stir things up.
02/Jul/07 2:33 AM
The bill looks like a duck. Whatever you do, don't stand beneath it!
02/Jul/07 3:30 AM
Whover who got the picture don't know if it is duck or eagle.Do You think that I can know!!!
02/Jul/07 4:40 AM
maen all! nice downunder species. a lot like a black(mallard) or widgeon here in the states. definitely good eatin'.
02/Jul/07 5:33 AM
A duck that wishes it were an eagle.
02/Jul/07 5:35 AM
deltz/njusa, you are correct, it is a Black Duck perching in a tree trying to work out whether it is a duck or an eagle. It was such an unusual sight that I ran back to the house to get my camera. To all of you who were concerned about my standing under it, all I can say is - thank goodness for a telephoto lens.
02/Jul/07 5:48 AM
I think the question is what is it doing in a tree? Never seen that before
02/Jul/07 8:49 AM
4.13 duck or eagle .....rotfl
02/Jul/07 9:07 AM
It's quite obviously, a duck I mean lets look at the evidence, one, The beak which is rounded, and designed for eating food out of the water where as an eagle’s beak is pointed so it can kill it's prey, also the wings of the duck fold down by it's side where as on the eagle the or resting more on it's back, because of the quite obvious evidence I have to say that it’s a duck
02/Jul/07 10:19 AM
Hi AnnitaB, when do you leave?
02/Jul/07 10:21 AM
g o o s e ?
02/Jul/07 10:22 AM
I think it is fat - duck or eagle - fat!
02/Jul/07 10:22 AM
02/Jul/07 11:24 AM
Just a duck trying to achieve its higher self? After all why shouldn't a duck aim to be an eagle?
02/Jul/07 11:26 AM
Hi Gail, Thursday morning bright and early. Can't wait!!
02/Jul/07 11:32 AM
I hope he doesn't quack up when he takes off.
02/Jul/07 11:50 AM
It's a Duck you Goose ! Maybe 'Honk !'
02/Jul/07 1:09 PM
Thanks for the pretentious duck, Ian! They do say the higher you aim the higher you'll go!
02/Jul/07 1:38 PM
Maybe it's an eagluck.
02/Jul/07 3:13 PM
Maybe the duck saw a predator in the water, like a crocodile. Seems that Australian reptile has quite the reputation. We had some idiot throw his pet, caiman into a city lake. Had all the water fowls there in a tizzy over it. Took the city a year to catch him. The city council even brought in an Australian crocodile catcher. He failed.
02/Jul/07 3:32 PM
Is that a Wood Duck?
02/Jul/07 3:33 PM
Don't worry by Ozzy friends even the Florida guys failed too.
02/Jul/07 3:33 PM
trying/Melbourne, you know and I know that it's a duck - but does the duck know?
02/Jul/07 3:40 PM
This is an antique direction-finding duck from the shores of lack qango...
02/Jul/07 6:11 PM
Jonathon Livingstone Duck!!
02/Jul/07 7:00 PM

Duck with higher and greater ambitions
02/Jul/07 8:16 PM
02/Jul/07 8:58 PM
02/Jul/07 11:05 PM
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