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Tough Sudoku for 20/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:32 definitely easier than medium and hard Maen
fantastic picture!
10:11 with one guess. By what sea? Good Maen all!
Easy today:
1. Start at 22. UP 41.
2. Fc: If d8=2, h8=4, h1=7 => d1=5
If d8=7 => d1=5 ; UP 43
3. Fc: If e7=1, f7=3 => c7=6
If e7=8, e9=7, c9=3 => c7=6
4. If e9=7, d8=2, f9=3 => c9=7* This can't be true (because we'd have two 7s in row 9). Therefore e9=8. Easy to end.
And the picture is... you guessed Jeana, from Sculpture by the sea and is entitled 'Wind stone - annular flow' (don't ask:)
It's made from shiny steel.
correction: it's black granite covered in steel
6:42 and it must have been easy because I can't usually finish these.
OC - orange country?
A beautiful view without the sculpture.
This is too easy
9:11 Easiest tough I ever had -- all simple solutions, no advanced thinking required :)
No guesses -- so must be an 'easy' tough!

Cool sculpture.
Googled sculptures by the sea with the pic from several days ago. They are neat artistic voices.Do they stay there or are they sold afterwards?
Just in case there are any other strugglers, it took me 38:21, what with trying to understand your explanation, nic. I just can't see the fc's by myself, and, without your help, I wouldn't have gotten past 41 without guessing. Thanks. It was a good mental exercise.
Basically the same as Nic's but with more detail:
1.UP 27;
2.b79=59 exclude b6=59, b79=378; UP 36;
3.h79=5 exclude h12=5; UP 41;
4.d8=7==d8=2--h8=2==h8=4--h1=4==h1=7 excludes d1=7; UP 43;
excludes c7f9=3; UP end.
Easy tough, did it get mixed up with hard?

Good mAen!
Jeana, I would suppose if it is Bondi in Sydney it would be the Pacific
sadly with a guess!
Start 22 UP to 27.
1. 59 in b79 UP to 36.
2. Locked 5's de1 and h79. UP to 41.
3. c9=7==c9=3--g9=3==g7=3--g7=1==f7=1--f7=8==f9=8 forbids f9=7. UP to 81.
9:28 good maEn all!
46:03 - with just a couple of mistakes!! Thank goodness for Check Moves. Guess I better get some chores done. This sculpture would be kinda fun in my front yard. Could the kids climb it?
I thought the title of the sculpture was 'C's beside the sea'.
Since so many of you made comments about this sculpture, here are a few more datails:
The artist is Koichi Ishino from Japan and her statement was 'A gentle wind was blowing through my mind' (fair dinkum:)
And for Gina from CA: yes you may have it in your frontyard for a mere AU$40,000 (if it's still for sale)
Hey y'all! My very first Tough! Didn't time it but it actually wasn't too bad!!!!!!
Can somebody please explain the shorthand notation used in the above solutions or point to a website that does. Thanks.
Two guesses... need some tips

Try the website: http://brunogreco.free.fr/bazar/sudoku/forbidding%20chains1. htm
13:11- happy
All great pics today
timer said 6.29 dont think that seems right
have a great day/night one and all
what's a bindi?
26.46 wif so many guesses, im a newbie afterall
Nov. 12, 2007.
13/Nov/07 2:26 AM

05/Sep/10 9:03 PM
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