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Medium Sudoku for 20/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:58 Beautiful bride :)
3:46 A happy bride! Good Maen all!
4:42 Maen
how does she keep that hat on!
Does she have big hair under that big headpiece?
nice bride MANDY big hair do bun
What a happy bride. I love the hood/headdress.
Well Done
4:07 Lovely bride. Cheers to all!
3:42 I bet she's smuggling something in that hat/hood thing...
5:12. Beautiful bride.
The pictures are such a good reward for finishing. It spurs me on when I am stuck.
5:52 actually a bit longer as I only started the clock when I had identified the first digit.
8:06. Happy!
Is she hiding under that hat? Neat colors red,white and the black of her hair. Makes it look bright and clean in the photo.Great pic.
3:39 - Hey! A talking fortune cookie!
But the woman is Japanese... enough with the jokes.
Okay, we'll have nun of that.
The posted times make me feel dumb. Does it get better?
5:14. Don't feel dumb, Gene. It'll get better.
... and the bride took first place in the open class regatta
7:29- pretty bride.
10:16 one of my best for medium.nice picture of bride.
TO Elise
North of Melbourne near Broadford, Glenaroua,
To Rosemary ,
I'll be in Wang for a couple of days.
5:35 Hi to all.

Chocolate Thought for the Day:

I can't think of one I've run out of chocolate!!!
4:50 - a pretty easy one today
6:26--actually have been working on this puzzle for over two hours but kept getting interupted!!
wow that was easy. 2:04. better then the easy time
12:51 - had to use possibilities. Is there a significanse to the red on the underside of the hood. Nice picture. Weddings are fun.
6:01 with a sticky mouse. Nice portrait.
Good mEan all! Karen from North Ridgeville, Ohio, I'm right down the street from you in Eaton Twp! Hello!
I'm getting married in the morning...ding, dong..the bells are going to chime
Hello Jaffy, could there be a cat under the hood/veil??
great photo! I thought it was a canoe/boat as it was coming up!
5:41 - a happy day
I hope the bride looks as happy at our wedding Saturday. Oldest son is getting married!
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