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Tough Sudoku for 22/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Rather rustic accommodations for present day standards, I'd say.
(Will have to Google to find out why it's historic.)
22/Aug/09 12:08 AM
Ah, shucks. I thought that it was Judy's mountain retreat.
22/Aug/09 12:47 AM
Yep, yer out there, all right.
Have a terrific weekend, everyone!
22/Aug/09 1:08 AM
Agree with Hal. But the place would need a river or a creek or a pond to make a nice retreat.
22/Aug/09 1:46 AM
Not too far off, Hal! But we have lots more trees! And 5 mountain lakes within a half-mile walk, Jyrki!
22/Aug/09 2:06 AM
It looks pretty "straight" yet and it would beat a tent if it were raining!!!! Thanks, Wilodene!
22/Aug/09 2:32 AM
~1 hr
22/Aug/09 5:37 AM
1) start 23 UP 24
2a) (LC1)d456 => d8<>1
2b) (LC9)d56 => d12<>9
2c) (HP26)a1b3=(2)ab2 - f2 = (2-6)f3 = (6)b3 => b3<>17 UP 37
3a) (NP37=9)c18 - h8 = h1 - (9=7)e1 - (7=3)c1 => c7<>3
3b) (NT178)a79c7 => b7<>17, a5<>1, gh7.c8<>7, More...
22/Aug/09 6:59 PM
Greetings from Greece.
1)Start at 23,=>UP=24
3)(7)a7=a5-(7=3)f 5-i5=i1-(3=7)c1,=>c78<>7
22/Aug/09 7:09 PM
Hi All, I could not do this one. After basic tecniques, the only thing that I could find was:

(4)a2=(4-1)c3=(1-6)b3=(6)f3-(6)f8=(6-8)d8=(8)d2, =>d2<>4, UP=37

Thanks Steve and Sotir, I will look at your proofs - hopefully to learn something(s).

Best regards, Neil
22/Aug/09 9:58 PM
Here is my pennies' worth:
1. d7=2.Note pair 68 at df8.Unique possibilities 24.
2. If d8=8,d1=6=b3,c3=1,a2=4;1459 have no place at d2.So d8=6.UPs to 37.
3. If i1=2=g6,i5=3=f4=g2=b7=e8,g6=6,b4=5,i8=1=g4,d4=4.This would create an unresolvable 19 rectangle at bd56;Hence i1=3.UPs to 81.
22/Aug/09 11:26 PM
29/Aug/09 7:23 AM

09/Sep/10 11:20 PM
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