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Easy Sudoku for 22/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen
22/Aug/09 12:00 AM
Hello, John. Beautiful start to the day in Michigan, huh?
22/Aug/09 12:02 AM
Good morning, Michiganders! Hope to see you both next month!!!
22/Aug/09 12:06 AM
, John, Shiela and the rest of Sudokuland!

I am printing out some of my basic recipes in preparation for moving our son into his 1st college apartment this weekend! So far, meatloaf, spaghetti, chicken pot pie...The jar of peanut butter is already in the bag (I'm realistic!)
22/Aug/09 12:07 AM
Good morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
22/Aug/09 12:08 AM
G'morning, Jane--you snuck in as I was typing!
22/Aug/09 12:08 AM
Jane, hope the days you visit will be as beautiful as it is today! See you soon!
22/Aug/09 12:11 AM
Why should the government provide health care? Is that really the job of gov't?
22/Aug/09 12:13 AM
Beautiful dog portrait! (Those dogs look like they'd be floating if it weren't for the hand!)
22/Aug/09 12:18 AM
Anne, are you serious?
22/Aug/09 12:24 AM
Wonderful day here, but quite a blast of thunder last night. We had tornado warnings here (rare) so headed to a lower floor, cats following close behind. After a half hour of torrential rain and thunder, it was all over. Whew.
22/Aug/09 12:46 AM

(a repeat from yesterday....)
Helen, lets agree to disagree. I don't feel bigger government, more deeply involved in our personal lives is the answer, to any problem. The free market system works very well, without government intervention.
Also overlooked. The lawyers who make a lot of More...
22/Aug/09 12:52 AM
to all... I am very happy to be back on line with a new computer. I'm still in Montreal...will have to get use to be behind in time as it is already tomorrow in Oz.
22/Aug/09 12:53 AM
For the kind of government the current powers that be want, yes it is, Anne. We are moving into a brave new world 'twould appear. Aldous' name will soon be echoed across the country as a great prophet.
22/Aug/09 12:58 AM
OK Jerry, it would be boring if we all agreed on everything. Maybe I should become a lawyer. Thanks for getting a very interesting discussion rolling.
22/Aug/09 12:59 AM
I'll put it another way, Helen. The issue of health care aside for the moment, what is the job of government?
22/Aug/09 1:02 AM
As a lawyer who doesn't sue doctors it makes sense to me to have the government pay for medical care for all. Other countries have been able to figure this out. It's time for us to do the same.
22/Aug/09 1:05 AM
22/Aug/09 1:07 AM
Anne, I think the job of the government is to take care of its citizens - including their health.
22/Aug/09 1:15 AM
Aileen.... did it in May for my son, helped with moving and fixing the place. Cooked one pot meals and meat balls with him. Did leave him with plenty of recipes including the sudoku ones... so far,he said he is doing well... I have not seen signs of weight lost... au contraire!
22/Aug/09 1:15 AM
Good Morning People of the World.

Seems I am not the only proud parent. At 1 AM, Daddy woke me to inform me--like I did not know--how special our girl is. Then in normal morning hours I have recieved two phone calls from him and he is still raving about our girl. Hope this is not putting too much pressure on our smartie.
22/Aug/09 1:15 AM
Oh good, in time for the race.
22/Aug/09 1:16 AM
Just in time for the wee one to announce she needs attention.
22/Aug/09 1:17 AM
2:23 Hi to all. Hello Danstell nice to see you here.

Thought for the Day:

May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends gathered below never fall out.

22/Aug/09 1:30 AM
As for health system Oz as private one and public... Montreal mostly public.. For me, the biggest issue is still do you let people dye because of lack of money? As a nurse, I wish I will never have to answer that question. As a society, does it mean we have to stop progress to keep more persons More...
22/Aug/09 1:40 AM
Perfect weather here in Michigan. I am going out to enjoy it. Everyone have a great day wherever you are.
22/Aug/09 1:44 AM
Hi André... Thanks for Thought for the Day... very appropriate as we have tornados in around here ....a very rare and scary situation for us.
22/Aug/09 1:44 AM
Hi Danstell. I had been wondering what had happened to you.
22/Aug/09 1:48 AM

What is "government?" It's not some objective, perfect machine. It's a bunch of people with all the faults and shortcomings that go along with being human. That includes laziness, greed, and with some, the desire for power. That is true both of elected officials and civil servants, More...
22/Aug/09 1:55 AM
Today's "Famous Birthdays": Count Basie, 21 - Aug - 1904; Kenny Rogers, 21 - Aug - 1938.
22/Aug/09 2:01 AM
And now ---- a musical interlude….. (feel free to sing-a-long)

Here comes ol’ Jake with all his hounds, but he’s gonna hear me shout. “I won’t go huntin’ with you Jake, but I’ll go chasin’ wimmin’”………
22/Aug/09 2:02 AM
22/Aug/09 2:02 AM
It’s The Weekend, fire up the

22/Aug/09 2:06 AM

OK, How about a little dance...

22/Aug/09 2:08 AM
22/Aug/09 2:08 AM
Good afternoon to all! Well just look at today's photo. A couple of hand-me-down dogs!
22/Aug/09 2:08 AM
With a partner, maybe?

22/Aug/09 2:10 AM
Danstell, it's good to hear from you. Back in the homeland are you? I hope those tornadoes die down before they get to Montreal. They hit south-west of here yesterday. One confirmed (possibly four) death. A few towns totally devastated. Several hundred homes and businesses destroyed and over 63,000 homes without power.
22/Aug/09 2:12 AM
Thank goodness, I thought I was all alone...
22/Aug/09 2:12 AM
With apologies to Jamie & other Texas educators:

The aspiring student psychiatrists from various colleges were attending their first class on emotional extremes.' Just to establish some parameters, 'said the professor, to the student from the University of Houston, 'What is the opposite More...
22/Aug/09 2:15 AM
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