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Tough Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Greetings all! G'Maen to all!

I think we need to hold a worldwide sudoku.com.au meeting here in Orlando!

Anyone up for it??
I think that tough really needs some new photos submitted on it!
I like the idea. Lits plan it for Nov 2007
no comment.
1) Start with 23, UP 27
3) Naked Pair: gi3=38 => ~c3=8
4) UP 28
5) Locked: ghi9=9 => ~gi8=9
6) Locked: abc2=9 => ~b1=9
7) h8=3 == h5=3 -- f5=3 == f7=3 => ~e8=3, UP 81
6:33 Maen
17:35 My usual abysmal score. Nice dolphins!
12:30 but don't despair, Dan. I guessed twice. Had I not, my time would have been closer to two hours ...
Okay Glenn, I'll rise to the bait. Why Orlando instead of someplace like, say Perth?
13:29 Easy
over one hour, too too slow to solve touch today. Nice picture - hi dolphin...!
Orlando - amusement parks?
But, Perth sounds good also. Should Gath set up a poll?

Sets required: no more than 4.
Max depth 2.
Rating: .06 or less. Hardly suitable, in my opinion.
These are beautiful creatures. We have seen them in the Golf when we have visited my parents in Florida.
7:07. Has to be Marineland Park in FLORIDA. Not sure itf is still open. One of the first attractions in FLORIDA!!!
Good Maen
Captive animals show for public entertainment- reminds me of Steve Irwin.
Be part of kill A STINGRAY week!! or not, if you like wild animals.
Good afternoon to all. Nice photo, but I agree with Anne. Guess I should have submitted my shots for hard and tough. Gath: suggestions for you on easy.
I don't much care where the world wide whatever is, as long as it's not in Normanton
Another brilliant piece of note from Corky!
Slow plugging, but no guesses and I finally got it. It wasn't pretty though!
Look at them go!!

Now my 2nd published proof...hopefully this one will be correct. My first yesterday was wrong :-(( Steve kindly helped me through it. This one was much much easier thank goodness

Start 23
UP 27
locked 8s (c1,c2)
locked 9s (a8, c8) (d1,e1)
pair 38 (g3, More...
Hi Soozn!
Typically I typo on about every other proof. Aside from a typo, your proof looks good. (h5=3,h8=3) should be last group of strong sets in fc.
maEn all
I was in Destin, FL recently and while having dinner at a gulf side restaurant, a school? pod? of dolphin or porpoises gave everyone a show as they played in the water...they must have been feeding. They were jumping out of the water like you see marlins jump! It got alot of oohs and aahs from More...
grrrr, yes it should have read h8 not h7. Rats. Still just a typo not a wrong move so i am getting somewhere. Thanks again for the help, Steve.
Am trying to submit some pics but it's hard to get them square. Anyone know of a program that will automatically crop to square shape?
OK, I just managed to upload a whole bunch of pics to tough so maybe some new ones soon. Hope you like cute children!
Dear Pat, thank you for clearing to me the meaning of UP! In your todays' described solution is it missing step 2?
I can't understand what prevents i1=8.
If you can explain...; thanks again and ciao!
Nov. 24, 2007.
25/Nov/07 12:55 AM

05/Sep/10 10:03 PM
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