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Medium Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Greetings all! G'Maen to all!

I think we need to hold a worldwide sudoku.com.au meeting here in Orlando!

Anyone up for it??
Gone Fishing. That's the sign I ought to put on my office door today and go and enjoy the gorgeous Indian Summer day we are having ;-)
3:22 Looks like a fine time for fishin'
3:03 Maen Cat fishing?? sorry..couldn't help myself
4:23, Is this the one that got away?
Awesome picture, nothing quite like a good day fishing and a fine way 2 start the day.
Awesome picture.
4:56 Didn't know fishing could look so ominous (unless, of course, Fred is right ...) We really need to find another animal to pick on besides the much maligned feline. I vote for the hammerhead shark.
too funny Fred!

Good morning to all. The fishing scene looks cold and maybe a shower in the works.God Bless you all.
Cathy - surely they have catfish in Ontario!
Well Done, Nice seen
CATHY from Ontario: You send in a hammerhead picture every other day, and after awhile hammerhead jokes will start to appear.
5:48 Hi to all.

How do you talk to a fish?

Drop it a line!

That was bad but it was off the top of my head!
I'll start collecting those pictures now, Martha! Perhaps some cute hammerhead photos with the sharks dressed up in ridiculous outfits ...
its a bra' bricht moonlicht nicht the noo
What a beautiful picture!
Good Maen
My worst day fishing is better than my best day at work!!!!!
How do you stop a fish from smelling?

Cut off its nose!
Good afternoon to all! Great picture, and Gath, that would make a great Hard Rotation puzzle I think.
Does anyone know what that lady by the timer is looking up at? Hmm.
5:02, no possibilities, no mistakes..I feel pretty good about that since this is the first medium in about a 6 week absence! And Glenn, I think the Orlando Sudoku-fest would be great...I would try to come!
Wish I were there instead of here. Wish I were nearly anywhere instead of here. Oh, wait, it's after five! Time to go home, never mind...

I love my job, usually about once a day, quiting time! Hey, but I can usually sneak in a sudoku, some times two, so that's pretty nice.
maEn all
5:11, my best time yet on medium
HUGH: I'm with you there!!
GREG: yes it would make a great hard rotation
CANDY: It looks like the begining of Millionaire, maybe she hopes to win the jackpot
Good maEn, all. 6.00, no guesses, which is pretty good for me, but this one was kinda easy.
Are they fishing or just replenishing the cat food?
God Bless Sudoku!!! Im at work with not much to do. At least Im exercising my brain!!
Take care everyone!!!!
Can somebody help me,how can I submit a photo or drawing to the sight ?? ( I have a Classic !!)
4:38 - pretty good for me on medium.
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