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Tough Sudoku for 26/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Another great picture from Cairo.
26/Jul/07 12:21 AM
9.47 Yours Wagdy?
26/Jul/07 12:21 AM
11:14 Wagdy's at it again! Very nice. Have a wonderful day/night, puzzlers.
26/Jul/07 12:58 AM
Another great Egyptian shot. I am presuming it is Wadgy's. Thanks for sharing your country with us.
26/Jul/07 1:02 AM
26/Jul/07 1:31 AM
1 hour and 1 minute.

Wagdy, I assume this is a somewhat more modern piece of Egyptian art - in comparison to, say, the pyramids :-)
26/Jul/07 3:08 AM
13.32. maeN everyone
26/Jul/07 3:21 AM
Thank you, Wagdy, for bringing Cairo to us!
26/Jul/07 3:47 AM
I didn't time again - but it felt fairly quick (after I entered possibilites, that is).
26/Jul/07 3:51 AM
our subway system is called the L in Chicago - and when you are going downtown you are in the Loop. When, I was in College at SIU in Carbondale - we went Uptown, Now, I go Downtown in Naperville. When, I first got married my husband called the living room the front room - I had to More...
26/Jul/07 3:58 AM
One of my Cairo pictures of Cairo City Railway main station Square.This huge statue of King Ramses is standing in the center of it.
This Statue 3200 Years old,35 ft hieght,83 tons weight,have been moved in 25 Aug .2002 from this location to another new One 30Km far in stanging position across More...
26/Jul/07 4:53 AM
Nice picture Wagdy and thank you for the information/history lesson.
26/Jul/07 5:23 AM
13:18; Nice to see this ancient statue, thanks Wagdy.
26/Jul/07 7:34 AM
WAGDY - is there a reflection pond in front of the statue? All the other shots today featured water!
26/Jul/07 8:06 AM
Wagdy, I bet it was easier to move in 2002 than it was to build 3200yrs ago! Great picture, thanks. Eve, I bet the Nile's not too far away!
26/Jul/07 8:33 AM
1) Start at 22 filled. Unique Possibilities to 24.
2a) hidden pair 68 at g79, forbids g7=1457, g9=57, h79=68.
2b) hidden pair 24 at e13, forbids e1=367, e3=67, e4=4, e6=2.
2c) locked 6's at e79, forbid d79=6.
2d) pair 37 at ad7, forbids behi=37.
2e) hidden pair 39 at i59, forbids More...
26/Jul/07 9:43 AM
Busy day so didn't get to 'tough' until this maEn. 4 wrong 'flashes' today. I won't post about it anymore until i get a lot better... in 2009 ;-).

My mother studied with an Egyptian architect, Hasan Fathy. He championed the wisdom of the ancients in terms of building appropriately to your More...
26/Jul/07 11:58 AM
Our hotel window overlooked Rameses square when we were there in 1983. We loved the position of the statue in the middle of a chaotic traffic snarl.
26/Jul/07 1:44 PM
Okay, Ramses it is! Looked rather phallic to me, too.
26/Jul/07 3:12 PM
Mary, I wonder what they have now to look out your window at??
26/Jul/07 3:51 PM
interesting puzzle and picture today..done
26/Jul/07 4:12 PM
Bluey, just the traffic snarl I imagine.
26/Jul/07 6:47 PM
Wouldn't it be amazing and wonderful to be suddenly transported back in time and see this statue in its original surroundings.
26/Jul/07 7:39 PM
This indeed was a tough one! Got it finally, though, after two attempts. Thanks for the challenge.
27/Jul/07 8:12 AM
Feb. 8, 2008.
09/Feb/08 11:01 AM

06/Sep/10 11:48 PM
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