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Hard Sudoku for 26/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Lovely photo, Kate.
26/Jul/07 12:01 AM
3:25 Maen! Nice photo -- calm start to a beautiful day
26/Jul/07 12:16 AM
A beautiful sunset!
26/Jul/07 12:19 AM
6:10 - another lovely photo Kate.

Good night all.
26/Jul/07 12:22 AM
Wow, Kate--nicely done!
26/Jul/07 12:45 AM
Lovely photo Kate.
26/Jul/07 12:49 AM
Another magnificent sunset captured. thx Kate... great shot.
26/Jul/07 1:51 AM
10:29 not one of my best efforts - hohum
26/Jul/07 1:57 AM
No help and no guessing. Really hot / humid this week. Upper 90s and heat index of 110. Give me 40 below any day over this!
26/Jul/07 2:16 AM
6:54; the sunrise ain't helping, am still sleepy...
26/Jul/07 2:17 AM
8:10 Lovely photo. I still don't know how they're identified, however. How did you know it was Kate's? Are there supposed to be captions? I know that when you go to jigsaw, there's a caption, but is there another way to identify the photos?
26/Jul/07 2:25 AM
maeN. 12.04. slow. beautiful sunset, so calm.
26/Jul/07 3:05 AM
Jane, I get captions when the puzzle is comlete and correct. If the picture is coming up, the caption should too. Ask Gath for help!
26/Jul/07 3:26 AM
Kate - Beautiful picture!
26/Jul/07 3:43 AM
I love the water and the sky - Thanks for a wonderful picture. Mary
26/Jul/07 3:47 AM
Good evening!
Simply beautiful reflections of clouds in the water.
Great shot, Kate, absolutely worth of getting up early to see the sunrise! Thank you.
26/Jul/07 4:29 AM
What a wonderful sunrise is that??
Thanks ' K A T E ' for such beautiful picture and good shot.I like it.

Have a nice time all.
26/Jul/07 4:58 AM
A beautiful and relaxing picture. Thanks Kate.
26/Jul/07 5:07 AM
That's a lovely, gentle photo Kate.
26/Jul/07 5:30 AM
26/Jul/07 6:36 AM
Should make a good jigsaw puzzle
26/Jul/07 7:46 AM
Great photo (other)Kate! I know Joll's Bridge well from my trips to Leia's grandparents.
26/Jul/07 7:57 AM
Beautiful colors, reflections. Is the water a lake or part of the ocean? It looks so calm and peaceful, as many have mentioned.
26/Jul/07 7:59 AM
Cami, it's a river ( the Hawkesbury R) getting closer to the sea so it's spreading out a bit. But also there's an Island right in front filling the gap! Jolls Bridge can't actually be seen. But the freeway from Sydney to Newcastle goes up the hill to the left of centre & there's bridge covering a More...
26/Jul/07 8:30 AM
5.45 lovely photo Kate
26/Jul/07 9:31 AM
26/Jul/07 10:20 AM
Beautiful colours Kate, lovely capture!!
26/Jul/07 12:12 PM
photo, Kate. Thank you for sharing the photo and the saga as well!

26/Jul/07 1:59 PM
mAen all,

nice pik kate =>
26/Jul/07 6:34 PM
quiet before or after a threat , strong landscape feeling , ( i hears Beethoven'S symphony )
26/Jul/07 7:48 PM
8.38 Idyllic
26/Jul/07 10:55 PM
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