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Tough Sudoku for 26/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Sep/07 12:03 AM
Maen. Warty little critter. 16.14
26/Sep/07 12:18 AM
Good Morning everyone and Good Bye from CA /USA as I will fly this afternoon to Cairo /Egypt .
Will see you there ,
Good Bye.
26/Sep/07 12:33 AM
36:32 (abysmal!) Maen! That frog could pass for a rock pretty easily... great camouflage. This puzzle wasn't that hard, but I kept making wrong choices on what to try next... Hmph!
26/Sep/07 1:40 AM
Whoa! This has got to be the easiest Tough I have ever done. Way to go, froggie! Have a safe trip, Wagdy!
26/Sep/07 1:57 AM
26/Sep/07 2:39 AM
Hello Frog! This reminds me of my "grand" frog. He came up missing. My daughter has looked everywhere. They kept him in an aquarium and one day he was just gone. There was a lid, but they think maybe "Princess" the cat got to him....... Good by Nick.
26/Sep/07 4:43 AM
Cute little froggie.
26/Sep/07 5:15 AM
Normally I rely on guessing so I don't bother to set the timer, but this was so easy it was a medium. Well at least I can say I've done a tough
26/Sep/07 5:20 AM
What a cutie! And nice easy tough. Thanks, haven't had one of those in a while.
26/Sep/07 5:45 AM
Good afternoon to all. Sure looks like a frog.
26/Sep/07 6:48 AM
Quite a dark looking frog!
26/Sep/07 7:34 AM
I just finished reading a book about an enchanted frog named Gogu who was originally a man but spent 9 years as a frog before he was finally turned back into a man again. The book was Wildwood Dancing. Not my usual read, but interesting.
26/Sep/07 9:02 AM
good morning friends,this tough one was easy this time.
26/Sep/07 11:18 AM
Maen all. 6.31 Wow! First time under 10'.
26/Sep/07 1:53 PM
13:14, thats fast me.Yes a simple puzzle. And frogs are repulsive..any kind for that matter..
26/Sep/07 3:28 PM
easy enough for me to do :-)
26/Sep/07 5:59 PM
Well it's 6.10pm I've stayed late after work and completed this - Time was ... HUMHMMMM 40 mins... First time I've done a tough in a month or two. Any way - It has just started to rain ... and in Darwin it RAINS... and this is the first rain for the season for us... I'm out of here... I'm off to get wet!! Cheers everyone!
26/Sep/07 6:41 PM
9.29 Never seen one before.
Did this with many interruptions due to watching Thank God You're Here!
Hi Fi
26/Sep/07 8:32 PM
it WAS a pretty simple tough! I am a bit worried about this frog as he is so black, and his surroundings so light - I am afraid he is waiting to be somebody's dinner!
26/Sep/07 8:45 PM

07/Sep/10 9:20 PM
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