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Medium Sudoku for 26/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello sudoku!
26/Sep/07 12:02 AM
3:01 Maen! What an awesome site for a cemetery. Is this in Australia?
26/Sep/07 12:06 AM
26/Sep/07 12:20 AM
Good Maen to all.
Where this lovely cemetery site ?

This is my last comment from CA /USA as after few hours I will fly back this afternoon to my lovely home Cairo /Egypt.
Will miss you till I see you again from Cairo.
Good Bye all.
26/Sep/07 12:24 AM
Yes DanM. And it's an expensive bit of real estate! I bet the ghosts have a great time enjoying the view!
Wagdy It's Ian/Sydney's photo & it's in Sydney's eastern suburbs looking over the Pacific Ocean.
26/Sep/07 12:29 AM
have we seen this picture before?
26/Sep/07 12:30 AM
5:42 One of Ian's photos if I remember rightly.
26/Sep/07 12:37 AM
Maen. 5:54. Slow today.
26/Sep/07 12:38 AM
5:04 I'm slow too, Yon.
26/Sep/07 12:47 AM
Another repeat
26/Sep/07 12:47 AM
mAen! 2:51 Eternity with a view!
26/Sep/07 1:00 AM
Happy moon cake festival
26/Sep/07 1:05 AM
5:24 Hi to all. A peaceful place to rest.
26/Sep/07 1:08 AM
what is the moon cake festival?
26/Sep/07 1:54 AM
You're up late Kate (and I'm up early - still adjusting). Waverley Cemetery is on the cliff tops overlooking the Pacific Ocean in, as Kate has said, Sydney's eastern suburbs. Considering that each house with a view of the ocean is worth over a million dollars in this area, the cemetery is on More...
26/Sep/07 2:37 AM
Gosh, if you have to be buried somwhere, that's the place!!!
26/Sep/07 2:54 AM
4:39. Good Maen World.
26/Sep/07 3:08 AM
forgot the timer but it was slow
26/Sep/07 3:31 AM
What a beautiful place for a "resting place!"
26/Sep/07 4:33 AM
26/Sep/07 4:41 AM
26/Sep/07 5:46 AM
5:00 - dead gorgeous view! sorry ;-)
26/Sep/07 6:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! A final resting place with a view of eternity!
26/Sep/07 6:19 AM
Had no trouble recognising Waverley cemetery coming up! Stunning view. A great place for a walk.
26/Sep/07 7:33 AM
Happy festival Ivy Goh. Don't eat too many moons
26/Sep/07 7:41 AM
3.53 "A view to die for"?
26/Sep/07 8:42 AM
Gives new meaning to "rest in peace"
26/Sep/07 9:17 AM
26/Sep/07 11:09 AM
I love your comment, Rosemary, but I hope the "residents" didn't die just for the view.
26/Sep/07 11:19 AM
26/Sep/07 11:28 AM
Did you know the residents living in Waverley can not be buried here!
26/Sep/07 1:19 PM
Because they are still alive, that's why.
26/Sep/07 1:20 PM
Funny vdV, when I was a child every time we passed a cementery going for a drive someone would say that joke or that it is "the dead center" of the town we were in.
26/Sep/07 3:12 PM
Sorry, I just have to say it, a tomb with a view!
26/Sep/07 3:27 PM
5:01 A deadly view indeed!!
26/Sep/07 5:02 PM
And the one about the Head Gardener having over a thousand people under him.
26/Sep/07 5:41 PM
7.13 Slowest medium ever. I felt like I was heading for the cemetery and...VOILA!
I heard everyone's dying to go there. Groan!
26/Sep/07 9:46 PM
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