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Tough Sudoku for 27/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Leave it to Wilodene to find the only rock in the world that eats plants!
27/Jan/11 12:08 AM

27/Jan/11 12:37 AM
The beauty of the desert - even flowers can eek out an existance!
27/Jan/11 12:42 AM
1. SST to UP=29
2. (579)abg9=(7-4)g7=g2-f2=(4-8)f3=(138)bde5-(1)b7=(1-8)a7=c8 => c8<>9
27/Jan/11 1:15 AM
25:49, not as difficult as I thought an 8.3 would be. Good night all.
27/Jan/11 1:23 AM

1)SSTS to UP=29
27/Jan/11 1:50 AM
1. Note g2/i3=24.Unique possibilities to 29.
2. Whether g1=3;OR g1=6=h7=f9,ab7=18,c8=9=i9,g9=3;g4=2.UP81.
27/Jan/11 1:55 AM
It's truly amazing where trees and other plants can grow!
27/Jan/11 2:13 AM
guess must try for depth 4 chain:
1.SSTS to UP29
2.(4=5)i7-hi8=(257')bdf8-(3)df8=(36')fg9-(7)g9=g7 > -4g7, UP81
27/Jan/11 5:27 AM
Who's eating whom?
27/Jan/11 5:38 AM
can anyone prove +1d123 from start UP29?
27/Jan/11 5:57 AM
reason asked is can't find compact AIC for such things w/o qht: (7)d5=f5-(148')f235=(1)d123
27/Jan/11 6:52 AM
related matter, generating weak links from als bools based on forced configurations of digits in cell set. (link need not 'see' all digits in als to be weak)
27/Jan/11 6:57 AM
(1)d123=(1-7)d5=(7-8)f5=(48)f23 => f23<>1
27/Jan/11 7:04 AM
eg. (9=358)chi8-(8)c1
27/Jan/11 7:12 AM
often longer alternatives present, but is that always true?
27/Jan/11 7:25 AM

27/Jan/11 7:45 AM
reading some of ttt's and Steve's solutions brought this up - their often highly creative links (als aals style) using sometimes bools that could not ever be true in a chain, to good effect. (and why not use solved cells in chains?, URs and DP's may contain some cells already known - doesn't stop use of pattern for remaining cells)
27/Jan/11 8:14 AM
YW's make excellent chain targets as well as chain bools - see possible path for January 13,2009 for a good example.
27/Jan/11 10:53 AM
rocky horror ;)
27/Jan/11 11:41 AM
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