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Tough Sudoku for 27/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Handsome/Beautiful Bufo!
Photo almost makes you want to reach out and try to pet him/her!
27/Feb/10 12:15 AM
A very very nice week end to all!!
27/Feb/10 12:45 AM
Hello Bufo!

27/Feb/10 12:54 AM
Yep, Shiela ... I can just feel the teeth in my hand!
27/Feb/10 2:10 AM
Bufo was a real character and gave me a great deal of pleasure during his 15 years with me.
27/Feb/10 2:34 AM

1) Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=27
2) (2)h9=b9-b3=d3-(2=9)d5-(9=4)a5-f5=f8-e9=(4)b9,=>b9<>2.UP=44
3)(5=7)c9-(7=3)i9-(3=1)i3-(1=6 )e3-(6=5)f1-(5=4)f8-e9=(4)b9,=>b9<>5.UP=45
27/Feb/10 3:36 AM
Bev - sorry to hear Bufo is not with us anymore. He looks like he is ready to pounce! Beautiful kitty!
27/Feb/10 3:43 AM
maen all! looks like one of the barn cats...we call him "big head"...he's not neutered and this is his month of joy...he'll be making his rounds 'til after we get back.
27/Feb/10 3:45 AM
Bufo looks like a cat I had called "Peanuts". Called that because he used to eat the peanuts out of my school bag. He lived for about 22 years. Long time ago but it did bring back memories.
27/Feb/10 4:08 AM
Nice pic Bev!
27/Feb/10 4:39 AM
27/Feb/10 4:56 AM
8:48, another easy one this morning. Hi all.
27/Feb/10 6:46 AM
25:47 I am so pokey!
27/Feb/10 7:34 AM
Great profile of bufo!
27/Feb/10 7:38 AM
Easy? Yikes!
27/Feb/10 8:59 AM
27/Feb/10 11:40 AM
I found this one hard going, but here goes:
1) Basic techniques to UP=27.
2) 2)b123=(2)a2-b3=d3-(2=56)f12-(5=4)f8-(4)e9=(4)b9=>b9<>2, UP=42.
3) (6)f1=f5-c5=b4=>b1<>6, UP=46.
4) (XW4)af58=>b8i5<>4.
5) (4)e9=f8-(4=9)a8-a5=b6-(9=5)d6-(5)d89=e9=>e9=45, More...
27/Feb/10 9:33 PM

Hi Neil,
Steps 4,5 are not necessary.
28/Feb/10 3:06 AM

Something else:
2) (2)b123=(2)a2- is not necessary,just start from (2)b3=d3.....UP=44 (not 42)
5)Doesn,t work, (another 5 at f8).
28/Feb/10 3:50 AM
Thanks Sotir, I will recheck as you suggested. Best regards, Neil
28/Feb/10 7:49 PM

10/Sep/10 11:30 AM
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