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Tough Sudoku for 27/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Today's tough puzzle is another easy victim of Y Wing Styles.
A proof is published in the blog.
Link to same is found in the upper right column, under 'Check out the Sudoku Blog'.
26/Mar/07 7:56 PM
I took this photo out at a friend's farm a few weeks back.
27/Mar/07 12:05 AM
Nice shot, Anne from Albany.
27/Mar/07 12:36 AM
It's only 32 degrees in the shade. I can baaaarly baare it. Thanks for the pic Anne.
27/Mar/07 12:47 AM
Anne, what is resting? My photo didn't come up clear enough to tell or maybe it's my eyes today. :)
27/Mar/07 12:49 AM
It's hard to tell what is resting in that picture. Are they animals of some kind?
27/Mar/07 12:52 AM
Relatively easy. No guesses today!
27/Mar/07 1:15 AM
Liz baaa by. To baaa d that you can't recognize me and my baaa nd of baa lambs.
27/Mar/07 1:26 AM
21 mins on the nose with only 3 mistakes. what is resting here? it doesn't look very comfortable to me!
27/Mar/07 1:43 AM
ha!finished remarkably faster..like nothing very tough abt the puzzle,but sure,its tough to make out whats resting actually..mmmm well some kinda sheep, but a bit ambiguous...
27/Mar/07 2:13 AM
27/Mar/07 2:53 AM
wheres the rusty car?
27/Mar/07 3:05 AM
Maen, y'all! I also see sheep, two men with possibly a large dog between them, and what appears to be a small elephant on the far left. (In America elephants gravitate toward the right.) Due to the fence and broken branch in the foreground, they don't seem to be that far away, yet they are so small and pretty much the same color.
27/Mar/07 3:14 AM
ANNE 'Lovely picture ,Realy gives the relaxation to ourselves.'
27/Mar/07 3:33 AM
Ruby, you missed the cat in the foreground!
27/Mar/07 4:48 AM
I loved your comment Mark/Shenzhen.
Great photo Anne.
27/Mar/07 5:33 AM
maEn! 30:49 Not too tough. My solution follows:

1) UPs 2g2, 4b6
2) locked 6s in e89 and ghi1 force (column f) 6f3
and a locked 3 in abc9 forces 3e7
3) the pair 27 in de6 forces
A) 2f7
B) the pair f12=47 (and also f45=19)
C) the triple {g5,h4,i5}={1,3,6} More...
27/Mar/07 5:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice shot Anne, and does the lamb's wool shrink in the rain?
27/Mar/07 6:34 AM
Haven't you lot heard of camouflage, don't want the Dingo's to find us.LOL
27/Mar/07 8:30 AM
Thank you the few people who recognised the small flock of sheep under the shade of the tree. It hasn't turned out too clear shrinking it, the photo that is, not the wool, CG, but they are there. I like your description Amelia.
27/Mar/07 10:37 AM
I didn't mean to offend you, Anne. You have talent with your camera, and I've always enjoyed your pictures - as have many others. Please excuse me. There is a pink elephant around here somewhere, and I'm going to find it.
27/Mar/07 11:28 AM
Surely fairly recently shorn sheep?! i.e. NOT that woolly.
27/Mar/07 11:59 AM
Ruby - you didn't offend me at all. I notice the photo isn't as clear as it should be and I was commenting on that. Good heavens, it takes more than that to offend me. I thought your comment was quite funny.
27/Mar/07 12:07 PM
Steve, thanks for your insights, I am enjoying the challenges you have opened with you blogs. Much more sucess now.
27/Mar/07 1:12 PM
The sheep look like they could do with a drink.
27/Mar/07 4:15 PM
Nice photo.Today the tough level is very easy.I started from the three unknowns in the same row which makes the puzzle to finish it early.
27/Mar/07 6:37 PM
27/Mar/07 6:50 PM
Ali from Tasmania, there was a dam close by with a larger flock of sheep on the banks, so they did have water. Although we have a good rainfall in Albany and surrounding areas, we still have the very dry paddocks in the summer.
But you will always find the sheep laying down under the shade of a tree. I love seeing them like that.
27/Mar/07 7:37 PM
Gath! Where are the picture archives? I often play jigsaws!
27/Mar/07 9:20 PM
this shouldn't be called tough, cauz I solved it in a short time without cheating :p
27/Mar/07 9:28 PM
I'm grateful that others had trouble seeing sheep. Once I knew, I could make them out, but before that I thought 'wow, weird rocks!' I just figured it was my old eyes.
28/Mar/07 1:47 AM

06/Sep/10 10:50 PM
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