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Tough Sudoku for 27/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I canna!
27/Jul/08 12:10 AM
Oh! Another pretty flower! I can't believe the size of those leaves!
27/Jul/08 1:08 AM
Some beautiful flowers today! More...
27/Jul/08 1:48 AM
Start with Orange (day) lilies - end with red-orange (canna) lilies. Wonderful!
27/Jul/08 2:31 AM
27/Jul/08 3:52 AM
5:49 mAen! More lilies! It's a lily kind of day, and that's okay. :)
27/Jul/08 7:26 AM
Last 2 Toughs have been beyond me. Today,after d4=3,when d5=1,the rest are unique possibilities, but after e6=1 (the only other possibility),I couldn't find a refutation. In yesterday's tough(26th July),after filling unique possibilities, d2=3 or 7 ,pair 17 at b2/c3 and c9 is either 1 or 3 (whether c3 = 1 or 7), hence b9=4.After that no more progress.
27/Jul/08 8:29 AM
amazing, this is just a small plant -- houseplant at that - around my area.
27/Jul/08 10:16 AM
I have Water Cannas next to my pond. The flowers are a deep purple.
27/Jul/08 11:21 AM
Cana Lilies - large - are prolific around the tropical gardens of Darwin. The green ants love them. I have a battle every time I want to pick some for the stunning display that they make in a vase inside.
27/Jul/08 2:49 PM
A long tortuous path and hopefully few typos
Start at 23 , up 24.
locked 3's at g89 => g123<>3.
locked 1's at c56 => c78<>1.
locked 5's at g45 => g23<>5.
locked 7's at a12 => a78<>7.
(np67)fh5 => abg5<>6, dg5<>7.
locked 7's at More...
27/Jul/08 2:55 PM
Wonderful picture!!!
27/Jul/08 5:25 PM
Jeff,what a monumental proof ! I have followed it half way through ,and its really impressive.There is a small typo I found. Just before UP 27, you typed "d2<>4".I think you mean d2<>2 and therfore d2=4.
27/Jul/08 5:37 PM
Nice lilies.
27/Jul/08 8:40 PM
Another path;
1)Start at 23,=>UP=24
2)Depth 9 fc,using ant and anp:(468)b46c6=(1)c6-(1)e6=(1)e1-(1)d3=(24)d23-(2)d7=(2-5)e8
=(5)e2-(5)f3=(5-8)i3=(8)i6-(8=5)g5-(5) g4=(5)a4
4)AXW(2):d More...
27/Jul/08 10:43 PM
Jeff, Alfred, All,

If there's any interest, here's my solution. Some common elements with Jeff's solution are there.

1) note the pair 67 in eh=5, locked 7 in f56 and d79, locked 1 in e56 and a78, locked 3 in g89 and h123

2) If c5=5, then g5=8 => 8 locked into e46 => More...
27/Jul/08 11:45 PM
Exactly right about the typo alfred, I hope I don't have anymore.
28/Jul/08 10:40 AM

08/Sep/10 10:15 PM
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