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Easy Sudoku for 27/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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27/Jul/08 12:00 AM
27/Jul/08 12:00 AM
27/Jul/08 12:00 AM
27/Jul/08 12:01 AM
Congratulations Wallabies - what is it they say I support only 2 teams England and anyone playing the All Blacks!
27/Jul/08 12:02 AM
Those look just like the Day Lilies here! What a surprise.
27/Jul/08 12:02 AM
Good Maen
27/Jul/08 12:03 AM
Anyone who has not completed my questionaire? It is post 133 on page 4 previous day.
27/Jul/08 12:03 AM
Good morning! Pretty flowers.
27/Jul/08 12:07 AM
MaeN all!
27/Jul/08 12:08 AM
oh look at that - we've turned over...I'll have to repost...
27/Jul/08 12:09 AM
Mo, there is a new flavour which I sampled only last week...Moroccan Spice (oh...come with me to the Casbah?)

Peter - WOOOOHOOOO!!! ah yes dearest Lote, he would say that wouldn't he, but my telepathic powers were strong today which obviously had a profound effect on his game...his muscalature body is a sight to behold if only I could've beheld it tonight...
27/Jul/08 12:10 AM
for all the congratulations sent to me.
I'm a grandma of two now, he's such a cute boy.
27/Jul/08 12:10 AM
Yep, GMo. Classic Black & White is definitely the way to go.
27/Jul/08 12:11 AM
Billy all this talk of body musculature isn't good for you before you try to sleep. I think maybe a cool shower is needed
27/Jul/08 12:12 AM
GrannieMo I took your test and sent it on to my friends.
27/Jul/08 12:13 AM
all you first pagers & everyone else! Today I am finally having a nice leisurely morning all by myself at my computer. Have lots of catching up to do here!!
Peter - I enjoyed your new gallery photos & left comments on many.
Heidi - I love all your animal tales. For More...
27/Jul/08 12:14 AM
bertie - any particular number Pimms?? I once tried Pimm's Henley Skullfarquar ( a mouthfull hey?) a very long time ago - not sure i ever recovered from that...go easy on fred - he may be disqualified if he attempts the highboard if he gets tested for substance abuse...
27/Jul/08 12:14 AM
Andre and Billy have you tried Fred with a little Campari it may enhance his colouring
27/Jul/08 12:17 AM
Also Billy did you read in the international press about the falling sales and thus fortune of the Croc Company?
27/Jul/08 12:18 AM
righto Mo, i have squished all thoughts of rippling pecs/well-defined torsos (sp?)/shapely thighs/gazelle-like movements that is underscored with herculian strength...time for bed...nite all xxx
27/Jul/08 12:22 AM
Bad news the world round for Croc lovers.
27/Jul/08 12:22 AM
really mo? missed that, but considering all the pairs I have (5) are all knock-offs - it's hardly surprising!!
27/Jul/08 12:23 AM
Good morning all! Already the heat is building up. Went for a 5 mile run but after the 4th just pooped out and limped home!
Today oh joy, I and my brothers are going to make my parents' home habitable again. Prior to putting my mother in the More...
27/Jul/08 12:23 AM
I was seriously considering getting a pair of croc wellies though...I'm really going to bed now...toodles x
27/Jul/08 12:24 AM
Does it enhance or detract
if you think those thoughts
and have those feelings
while lounging in your Crocs?
27/Jul/08 12:25 AM

GMo, yep, Classic Black and White
Heidi, I agree with Kathy, perhaps Sassy will be happier and better behaved as an "only dog".
Bottoms up, Fred...
27/Jul/08 12:29 AM
all that was, is, and ever shall be, in all my thoughts and feelings, is enhanced whilst lounging in Crocs Keith...really really going now...
27/Jul/08 12:30 AM
Keith, very good! Are you trying to make sure you have an entry in the poetry collection?
27/Jul/08 12:30 AM
or was that a rhetorical question?
27/Jul/08 12:30 AM
Let's keep the Croc company afloat, people! Off you go and buy, buy, buy! Anyone can wear them!
27/Jul/08 12:33 AM
Kathy, that fish in the bowl is perfect for Fred! How do you ever come up with all those appropriate smilies so fast? You must have a secret source somewhere! By the way, did you ever get my e-mail about Machu Picchu the other day?
27/Jul/08 12:34 AM
Yes, GannieMo, I go with the classic black and white, too!
Ooooh Heidi, I missed the report on your critters! Where was it? Would like to read how the ladies are doing.
Is Fred, Bertie's or Fiona's? And would he like to visit Heidi's new pond?
27/Jul/08 12:34 AM
I'm sitting here wearing my only pair of true Crocs, a nice shade of indigo that match my blue jeans. I love these things and plan on getting more. The 2 pairs of knock-offs that I have are nowhere as comfy.
27/Jul/08 12:35 AM
Maybe Billy could have thoughts of Lote in crocs......... other clothing optional
27/Jul/08 12:36 AM
Kathy... that post was one of the last ones on yesterdays easy puzzle.
27/Jul/08 12:38 AM
Geesh, & then you even come up with a Croc smilie! By the way, there are some much prettier styles of Crocs available now. Jaz from Melbourne had on a very nice pair of sandals when I met her at the aquarium. She even let me try them on, & I think I'm going to do my part for Croc sales More...
27/Jul/08 12:38 AM
Sorry, that last comment should have been addressed to Shosho.
Sassy REALLY wants to be an only dog. I suspect that she's never been around other dogs in her entire life. And when she's alone, she's really sweet and playful.
27/Jul/08 12:43 AM
I currently own one pair of genuine Crocs (sage green) and knock-offs (croc-offs?) in white, pearly beige, black, navy and red (my very favorites). I hardly ever wear the true Crocs because they don't fit properly. For some reason, they lumped sizes together, so the ones I bought are too big, and More...
27/Jul/08 12:50 AM
Kathy - you're right about the new styles though. That might keep them afloat - until someone knocks them off, too!
27/Jul/08 12:52 AM
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