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Easy Sudoku for 28/July/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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Ding, Ding - Ding, Ding, Ding,

all - another beautiful day in So. Oregon. Last night's headliner at Britt Festivals to a sold out crowd:

U-tube George Thorogood & The Destroyers - "BAD TO THE BONE"

28/Jul/08 12:00 AM
Bowie, you are precious! I think I have your cat twin although "precious" is not the word I would use to describe her!
28/Jul/08 12:05 AM

We had last night, unusual for this time of the year.
Walking time slower this morning but it was still cool, what more can one ask for. Off to fix breakfast.
28/Jul/08 12:08 AM
all. For those who enjoy checking out photos I;ve just uploaded some NT photos including some from a recent trip to Arnhem Land.
28/Jul/08 12:13 AM
Billy I have checked all the obvious places that I may have put it, with no joy. I think I left it on my desk and Sammi decided to play footy with it. It could be anywhere. I shall take myself to the store tomorrow for another. I have 200/300 LP vinyls to record. They date back to the 50's
28/Jul/08 12:16 AM
That does it fii, next trip to Oz must include NT
28/Jul/08 12:19 AM

BOWIE'S BACK! I missed seeing him the last few days.
Tomorrow morning... EARLY... I go pick up my new guard Llama. It'll be about a 3 hour drive each way. They have 4 to chose from. One is even colored like Bowie here!
28/Jul/08 12:32 AM
Bowie is a good looking fellow - a real cutie pie. I want to forget the dog(?) from the other day - creepy.

NT - comments on photos.

Heidi - when you get some time to relax, don't forget we are awaiting pictures of all your wonderful animals.

Time to get ready for Church. Catch you latter.
28/Jul/08 12:39 AM
Good to see Bowie again.
28/Jul/08 12:47 AM
Weeks ago I asked if anyone knew of an Aussie retailer selling nightlights with battery backup, and I know there's a few people like Suzy looking for them for me. My sister found some last week at Bunnings, although they didn't have them a few months ago. She got some for our mum, and they're More...
28/Jul/08 12:51 AM
The Beer Diet

FACT: A light beer has between 70 and 100 calories, is almost all water, and the part that isn't water is almost pure carbohydrates.

FACT: The average diet recommends a daily caloric intake of 1,200 calories for women, 1,500 for men, if you want to lose the medically More...
28/Jul/08 12:57 AM
The Beer Diet (cont.)

SATURDAY (a.m.): Wake up (as required) and lounge around all day, feeling slightly smaller after expunging any food that you may have accidentally consumed (particularly if it involved beef jerky from 7-11). Take aspirin. Notice that you have absolutely no More...
28/Jul/08 12:58 AM

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, in Queensland on a State visit, were asked to judge a wood-cutting competition.

At the end of the competition, after the winner had walked up to the rostrum to receive his trophy, the Duke said “Well done, my man! And how much More...
28/Jul/08 1:13 AM
I like the beer diet. I am going to have to try it.
28/Jul/08 1:26 AM
Results of a contest for "theories" sponsored by the now defunct Omni magazine.


When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its feet, and when toast is dropped, it always lands with the buttered side facing down. I propose to strap buttered toast to the More...
28/Jul/08 1:39 AM
gotta just a quick and enjoy your day, mary
28/Jul/08 1:43 AM
opps, so quick I forgot my
28/Jul/08 1:43 AM
Maen all - Hope the day/night is going well for all!
28/Jul/08 1:46 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world!

Well, Jenny is home safe and sound from spending a month in Oaxaca, Mexico. She had a great trip, saw lots of sights, learned a little more of their culture and learned much more Spanish. She completed Spanish IV with an A+ while she was there.
28/Jul/08 1:54 AM
Good Morning, Bowie!
28/Jul/08 1:58 AM

I've been to Oaxaca! It's a great town!
Hi Bowie! Have a snack
Good dog.
28/Jul/08 2:07 AM
HEY!!!! Heidi's got a llama!!


Can we talk her into getting a moose too? Mine (the one CG scared away opening a can of Moosehead beer) has never come back.
28/Jul/08 2:12 AM
Good morning all. I've been trying to read the posts but as you can tell that which is posted after my bedtime is not read sometimes. Therefore I have missed some passing info. Please help this poor soul! Heidi, who is Bowie and when did he leave? Debby congratulations to Jenny for a job well done (I'm assuming she is your daughter).
28/Jul/08 2:17 AM
I don't have one YET. That'll be tomorrow. THEN we can party.
p.s. ... do all the sheep make up for no moose?
28/Jul/08 2:18 AM
Ok Jeb, I got the part of the acquisition of the llama, but what of this moose caught opening a can of Moosehead beer? And when did CG catch the the said culprit in action?
28/Jul/08 2:20 AM
Shosho... Bowie is the dog in today's jigsaw. We've had him twice before... recently.
28/Jul/08 2:20 AM
Heidi, I believe the sheep that you have on your ranch particularly the little lamb aprancing in your barn will qualify as a party animal!
28/Jul/08 2:21 AM
Oh my, do the puzzle! My brain has barely caught up with my body. It has gone for a 5 mile run but said brain was a asleep through it all. Got a cup of coffee and brain said thank you sleepily!
28/Jul/08 2:23 AM
Bowie looks bushed. Who has been overworking that poor little puppy? Borders are such fun dogs...they love to work.
28/Jul/08 2:23 AM
Ok, saw Bowie. Dog looks as sleepy as my brain. Coffee still hasn't taken effect yet. Will come back later maybe then it'll be awake, body is on automatic!
28/Jul/08 2:28 AM
(Very loud shout) WAKEY WAKEY! SHOSHO!
28/Jul/08 2:44 AM
Good afternoon to all! Bowie is just trying to remind us in this hemisphere that the dog days of summer are upon us!
28/Jul/08 3:11 AM
Heidi, I hear there is a strong competition going on for the coveted position of guard Llama.......

28/Jul/08 3:17 AM
This is for you Shosho: I just brewed a fresh cup.
Thanks Kathy and Heidi for all the help with the smilies...i finally got them ! Hope you don't mind... Heidi...i really liked this big smilie!
28/Jul/08 3:18 AM
This is a two post message. Several months ago, I was pretty depressed, having some undiagnosed health issues, undergoing severe stress from my work environment, and trying to decide what I needed to do. I leaned on some people, felt pretty sorry for myself and whined quite a lot to friends. I More...
28/Jul/08 3:22 AM
Thinking About Retirement
I looked outside my window; I saw just outer space,
But as I looked much closer, I saw another face,
The face was tired, somewhat old and looked very much confused,
But I blinked and I blinked and it disappeared. I was quite amused.

I had myself a cup More...
28/Jul/08 3:23 AM
Now, let's lighten things up.....

Two Canadian blondes , Becky and Sally Ann were doing some carpentry work on a house.
Becky, who was nailing down house siding, would reach into her nail pouch, pull out a nail and either toss it over her shoulder or nail it in.
Sally Ann, figuring More...
28/Jul/08 3:25 AM
CG: I'm glad you came to the realisation that retirement is more than OK, and good you put it down as a poem
28/Jul/08 3:28 AM
Broni was quite right in describing my poem posted 25th July 3.39am (‘An Awakening’) as ‘prose’. In all fairness to myself, it did rhyme, but I would agree that the ambition of the scan outreached itself. I realized that when I posted, and recognized that the ‘poem’ required more work. It is more More...
28/Jul/08 3:29 AM

My waking eyelids, as inverse shutters to my abstract dreams,
are open; to the light and life of the glowing brightness of today;
a day that glares with brutal violence. So it almost seems –
that this harsh real world, now treats my dreams, as subjects of affray.
28/Jul/08 3:30 AM
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