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Tough Sudoku for 28/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Do all Bonsai gardens look alike?
It looks just like the one at Hidden Lake Gardens!
28/Dec/09 12:09 AM
19 minutes

1) Basic techniques to UP 29. Note that a pair 17 is created in b47.
2) If b7=7, then i9=g1=7, and there is no room for a 7 on row 4. Thus b7=1, b4=7. UP 81.

This was a fun puzzle to work on. I started finding some longer contradicting chains involving all the 1s and More...
28/Dec/09 1:01 AM
28/Dec/09 1:55 AM
Hi Jyrki.After b4=7,I could only get to UP37.Here I have pairs 58 at a69,35 at h35;c6=589;h6=78.I needed another step here:
If h3=3,g5=3,locked 9s at bc5.Also h3=5,c3=6,again locked 9s at bc5 (to avoid the 45AUR at bc25).This creates pair 58 at ac6,h6=7, and UPs to 81.
28/Dec/09 1:57 AM
to a very nice week, which will bring us to a
28/Dec/09 1:58 AM
Sorry Jyrki,just noticed the obvious locked 8s at ac6,making h6=7.
28/Dec/09 2:03 AM
Beautiful garden! Very peaceful.
28/Dec/09 2:04 AM
I think working a Bonsai garden would be very peaceful and quieting.
28/Dec/09 2:11 AM
Good day/night everyone
28/Dec/09 2:11 AM
Honey, I shrunk the trees!!
28/Dec/09 2:20 AM
Using AIC:
28/Dec/09 2:37 AM
Hi Shiela, If the Lake Gardens are hidden, how do you know they look the same as the other Bonsai gardens :-;
28/Dec/09 2:59 AM
maen all! so that's what to do with defunct p.o.w. camps...the one at ft. robinson is or was until recently used as the last breeding place for army mules.
28/Dec/09 3:25 AM
Yikes, Deltz ... they don't have tours, do they?
28/Dec/09 3:34 AM
I think I came up with something interesting and fun for Dec 25 which I have posted there. Please check it out? There’s gotta be something wrong, I guess, but then again in trying to get around mistakes that weren't there I should've caught any that were.
28/Dec/09 6:22 AM
Hi all.
seem to be easy tough today.
28/Dec/09 7:22 AM
28/Dec/09 8:14 AM
I agree Vici.
28/Dec/09 7:49 PM
29/Dec/09 10:12 AM
Ah! Missed one of my own photos while I was away! It is a near twin to one of Ian/Sydney's though!
31/Dec/09 5:13 PM

10/Sep/10 7:45 AM
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