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Tough Sudoku for 28/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another gorgeous day here in Toronto.
28/Apr/08 12:11 AM
28/Apr/08 12:34 AM
54:33 to you all. I guess I'm hypocaffeinated this morning.

That is a nice shot, Wagdy.
28/Apr/08 3:47 AM
So impressive, Wagdy! Would love to see it in person!
28/Apr/08 4:00 AM
Wagdy - WOW! Good photo.
28/Apr/08 5:36 AM
Thank you, Wagdy, for another great photo!
28/Apr/08 11:30 AM
Great picture, Wagdy. Thanks.
28/Apr/08 11:33 AM
Too windy to go out much today. Dust storm coming in from the west so I'm just battening down the hatches and doing puzzles.
28/Apr/08 11:56 AM
WOW! Sub 15 minute time for a 'tough' puzzle! WOO HOO!
Nice picture Wagdy. Love the blue sky - don't see much of that sort of thing around here! LOL!
28/Apr/08 3:14 PM
A short path to solve this puzzle:

1) Start 23,UP=25

2) (28)b4c6=(9)c6-(9=4)c9-(4)b8=(4)b123
===> b123 <> 8; UP=81
28/Apr/08 3:41 PM
Took too long. Tried out another new system...it sucked!
Thanks for the photo though, Wagdy.
28/Apr/08 4:43 PM
A path to solve this one
Start at 23, basic techniques UP25
1) (8)c1=(8)c6 – (hp48)hi6=(2)h6 – (2)h5=(hp78)h57 – (7&8)h89=(hp35)h89 – (3)h2=(3-7)a2=(7)c1 => Loop => c1<>49, a2<>9, def6<>8, h2<>278
Locked : 2’s at h56=> g4<>2, 9’s at b12 => More...
28/Apr/08 5:52 PM
Hi sotir,
You can’t eliminate 8’s by your chain, I’m sure…
I only try to correct for you, if you don’t like that and keep your opinion OR you think that I’m not enough capacities to correct for you I’ll not… again
The reason I try to correct : I don’t like someone come here read your solution and misunderstand about chains as you…
28/Apr/08 5:53 PM
To sotir : your chain meant that one of (not at least) b4c6=28 & c6=9 is true , if b4c6=28 => b5<>28 and nothing more to eliminate 8’s on b123
28/Apr/08 6:30 PM
A fantastic place thanks for sharing Wagdy.
28/Apr/08 6:54 PM
Hello everyone.
Thanks all for your lovely comments.Hope it meets your interest.
Have a very nice time all.
28/Apr/08 9:59 PM
Hi ttt from Vietnam,
As a fc: b4=28, b123=4. This means that at least one of (b4=8, b123=4) is true.
So, b123=8 is forbidden.
Maybe I am wrong. It,s better to hear the third part.
28/Apr/08 11:57 PM

07/Sep/10 11:28 PM
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