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Tough Sudoku for 28/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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good maen all
A great place to visit is Vietnam ..Still very unspoilt by the western standards
7:10 but with a couple of errors... still, 1st time nder 10'.
sorry, that should read UNDER 10'...
Good Maen to all. Beautiful picture. A nice refuge for the boats. Looks very peaceful.
Tough ... First Time!
Not too bad; had to make one guess.

Maen, not too bad, the picture was a nice reward but it really drives home the fact that I am living in such a small part of the world with sooo much more to see. I wonder why these personal pictures seem more real than,say, Discovery Channel?
1. Start at 23. UP to 28. (e2=9%row)
2. e7=e8=15, elim in col & box. UP to 35
3. f1=f3=78, elim in box
4. d3=e3=34, elim in row (g8=3)
5. Quad: c1,c2,c3,c9=1356, elim in col
6. Locked 3s in Bb5, elim in b2
7. If c4=2 or h4=2 => h8<>2. UP to 58
8. h3=h8=15, elim in col. Easy to end
It looks like the scence from the man with the golden gun, but it's not (because that would be pp island in phuket, thailand).
How do you get to 58 filled by eliminating 2 @h8
with one guess! Beautiful picture
10:14 - with one guess (wrong) and then it all fell together quite nicely. And the picture is about as idyllic as it gets!
Sorry nic, hadn't spotted the 3 at g8 - duh!!
Done with my fix for today, see yall tomorrow :-)
10:44 Usually takes me much longer, but I started off with a guess and for once I was right. Zoom!
Fi,Did you take this picture?
That was from me..I got so excited I forgot my name!
Time is 11:22 but just relaxed and taking my time so that felt pretty good. Lucky today or just stumbled on eliminations.
sorry nic but i fail to see 1. how you got easily to 28 from 26 filled and 2. how e78=15
There have been many excellent photos from Viet Nam posted, but I have never seen any references to the photographer. Does anyone know who took these?
Hi everyone, am away on vacation and just found my Emily's pic from 2 days ago. Yes Kathy, that's the same little girl who was playing with the Brio trains. Sorry to have missed it!
about 15' not bad for just waking up.

Beautiful shot, bet the fishing is great.

Happy Sun arvo from Canberra
good maEn 6.41
Does 10:07 mean 10 minutes/7sec or 10hours/7min?
There was a 10:14, 10:44, 11. What do these stand for?
Does 15' mean 15 minutes?
Thanks Nic I'd done to 35 and found your short FC with the 2s very helpful. Like Kaz, I'd also missed the locked 3s at h1&2.

Steph/ Kansas, Kathy/valcrico - OK OK I own up!! I think that most of the Vietnam photos are mine .. along with most but not all of the NT ones.

This one More...
to Glennis From young: when did you go to Vietnam?
Lovely looking area...
Oh you mighty WEST COAST EAGLES - dumped right on the Dee's heads !!
Sorry Toughs - wrong level !!!
Wow, this is my lucky day! I got answers to two of my questions about photos. I don't always have time to work all the puzzles or read all the comments (especially on Med, Hard, Tough, & Kids) but do try to look at all photos. May I say to:
Jill from Tacoma, WA - you have an exceptionally More...
fi from NT - hope you read the More part on the above post. I also wanted to ask you if you have studied photography? If not, you have a real natural talent for it! What kind of camera do you use?
Hi Kathy,

No I haven't studied photography but would love to. I love good photos. I have a Kodak Z7590 camera with a schneider lens. There are better cameras.

When my photos first came up on site I certainly did brag. I was so excited!! I then got carried away and submimtted More...
And Kathy, thankyou for your kind comments. I was only in Vietnam for about a fotnight at New Year. We flew in and out of Hanoi and only went to two places - Halong Bay near Hai Phong... and Sapa. we had a wonderful holiday- loved the people and places.

If you go to Vietnam, DO go to More...
July 27, 2007.
27/Jul/07 11:37 PM

05/Sep/10 8:52 PM
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