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Medium Sudoku for 28/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Does not look like any animal cruelty here
good maen all
What a gorgeous Rottie!
Good Maen to all. Wake uo Riley! It's morning here in Canada.
12:13 Stuck for a while on this one.
6:01 Riley, you lazy dog! It's time to get up!
Well Done
14:11 - no mistakes. Sleeping dog. Is this sleeping dog lying on the bed? laying, is laying ??? Good Maen to all.
It's a dog's life! :D
GINA: Right the first time!
Living the Life of Riley!
Personal best on easy; 2:46; medium wasn't close to PB; Toni arriving in couple of hours; planting day is here -- yay!
3:58! My best time on a medium!

Awww what an adorable dog!
dog tired?
We have seen some pampered pooches on this site!Lucky Riley
su nak
9:04 - I have my yellow lab sleeping on the floor beside me. She needs her sleep so she can guard our house from evil cats, squirrels, armadillos, lizards, and cable repair technicians who like to work on a box behind the house when the cable system goes on the fritz!
4:26. Is Riley dreaming of a t-bone? He is allllmost smiling.
Hey Glenn, your lab sounds a lot like my kelpie. She keeps us very safe from the killer doves that dare to come to out patio.
Blessed is anyone who has someone to tuck them into bed! Lucky dog, we know who's the boss in this household.
My son has a yellow lab, who doesn't bark at anyone, until they try to leave their house. They have come to the conclusion that he wants everyone to stay. There are only 2 people who he does not like and one in my daughter-in-law's sister and the other is my sister (son's aunt). Don't have a More...
Lucky dog,lucky dog,OH what a lucky dog!!
Good mAen to all. 6:56 pretty good for me. If there is reincarnation, I think I'll come back as Riley's owners' new pet. Doing puzzle a little later today because I had to golf in the heat. I think it is 90+ outside. Wish the game had been in the 90s.
Mandy From Perth Western Australia: Belles seems to like irds and does not chase them at all. We had a nervous moment a few weeks ago when a peac0ck (actually a peahen) flew into our back yard. She was the third biggest bird in our yard after a bald eagle and a barred owl. Belle walked over to More...
Cuteness! I luv puppies!
is reilly in his bed or the bosses bed?
maybe he is the boss!
mAen all
off to a party for my friend's daughter 30th
does that mean we are getting older
or do they want the good partiers there?
6:54 - Maen all, looks like my dog! Better take her walking now important things done first though, Sudoku!
First time on medium. 34:25
riley looks a little spoilt
have a great day/night one and all
it's cute, when you finish a puzzle, someone else gets to sleep instead of you, you get to keep working.
I think Riley looks more like a hound type dog than a Rottie. I spent last night LYING in bed with my daughter's hound mix. I was dogsitting while my daughter was away. Unfortunately, her dog did not go to sleep like this dog! She was on & off the bed all night & licked my face every time she came back. I did NOT sleep well! Glad I'll be home in my own bed tonight.
KATHY: Sleeping with your daughter's dog ... now THAT is real dedication! The licking just shows that she likes you, and that she submits to you as the alpha dog! You're a good gramma ...
9:59! Whew! Good to see some honest people in here. :) Awww! just saw you mom. Luv ya. Get some dirt under your nails for me. (Yeah easy *was* easy today) figured you'd get it like lightn'n. :)
Good mAen
Great picture!
Chuck from IL, excellent time for first try on medium. (excellent compared to me anyway.) I struggled with this one; had to walk away for a while.
Let sleeping dogs lie.
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