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Tough Sudoku for 3/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi All and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 – quite late to say that
Just some of my opinions on your comments recently about Eureka/AIC and Alfred’s notation:
At first, I come here to enjoy with puzzles and happy to see you also enjoy with them but I don’t care HOW YOU ENJOY WITH PUZZLES – More...
03/Jan/11 12:41 AM
Looks like it's dancing, Anne!
03/Jan/11 1:09 AM
A Twisted Sister!
03/Jan/11 1:15 AM
Are you certain that these aren't "your" Anne's photos, Ian? Is it possible that the unknown car the other day belonged to someone else with whom she had visited the ship?
03/Jan/11 1:21 AM

03/Jan/11 1:49 AM

farpointer:I also posted a solution for tough Aug 21,2007 SE=8.3,almost similar.
03/Jan/11 1:52 AM
That is some Cypress tree...an old one, for sure!
03/Jan/11 2:02 AM
SE 7.1 => SSTS -> UP81
Even if this puzzle can be solved by XY Chains, I enjoy playing the following steps!
XY Ring : 37e8 72g8 25g1 53e1 loop : -3e6, -2g367, -5adf9
Extended M Wing : 5ge1 54e6 4f53 4g34 : -5g4 (a rated SE 7.2 move); UP81


03/Jan/11 2:47 AM

From the Archive:
The list of the toughest puzzles without Eureka Notation proofs (Updated):
Rate SE=8.2:
Rate SE=8.3:
2007: 9/17
2008: 7/30,12/24
Rate SE=8.4:
2008: 11/21
2009:1/26, 11/16,12/25
Rate More...
03/Jan/11 3:48 AM
1. SST to UP=30
2. (4)g3=(47)ag4-(7)h4=(126)h124-(26=8)h3 => g3<>8
03/Jan/11 5:22 AM
note: posted new solution for Mar-9-08 SE=8.4 tough. ttt had found it messy at the time and asked for update. Using Jiminoregon's idea, AALS kraken, managed to improve efficiency by better than half. (1 chain + kraken vs. 10 chains).
03/Jan/11 5:28 AM
disclaimer: There are some readers perhaps making risky assumption that my posts here are always 100% serious.

"Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat" Horace.
03/Jan/11 5:47 AM
Happy New Year to you too, ttt, and your post was just about the perfect way to start the year.

And Happy New Year to Everybody.

03/Jan/11 6:37 AM
Hi Everyone, This is my first posting as a member, I'm the other Anne from Sydney (not Ian's Anne). It was our Lexus seen through the periscope at Holbrook (tough 1/Jan/11). What a coincidence that Anne and Ian have also visited there. This twisted tree caught our eye on our recent road trip, such a work of art.
03/Jan/11 8:08 AM
Thanks for checking in, Anne! We were beginning to worry that Ian was losing his marbles ... (Just teasing, Ian!)
03/Jan/11 8:30 AM
Hi JC.Small typo in your 3rd. line.I think you meant 5 is forbidden from row 1.
An English version for today:
Whether h4=7,a4=4=g3;OR h5=7,h24=12,h1=6,h3=8;g7=8.UP81.
03/Jan/11 9:10 AM
Could it be a Baobob Tree?
03/Jan/11 10:06 AM
Here are some baobob trees in Madagascar:
They don't look like the tree in Anne's picture.
03/Jan/11 10:16 AM
03/Jan/11 10:52 AM
Hi Alfred. You are right, I should have translated -5r9c146 as -5adf1! Notations vary from one forum to another :( !

Note : The killer of today found by Jiminoregon and Alfred may be written in a more cold and abstract way as 4g34 47a4 71268h1234 : -8g3.
03/Jan/11 11:03 AM
An easy one today - 12:15.
03/Jan/11 11:59 AM
Hi again JC. Is your notation a form of abbreviated Eureka ? It would be good to be able to do away with the "=" sign, because "=" does not mean "equal" in Eureka. However, I am not sure I could have followed your chain, if I had not known the logic behind it already.

Regards, Alfred.
03/Jan/11 12:32 PM
An other killer (only depth 4, instead of 6 - based upon cells containing twins, instead of bivalue cells - no groups, no ALS) : 4f3e2 7e28 7g87 8g73 : -4g3.
03/Jan/11 12:34 PM
note: posted a new solution for Apr-25-08 SE=8.9 tough. sotir, has anyone noticed or remarked that this one is a very simple kraken ko? On that date, three solutions were posted:
Steve: fascinating but complex Quantum/hybrid cell + AUR sis (one step)
sotir: invalid deduction at step 2.
ttt: very messy and deep with 13 chains.
03/Jan/11 1:11 PM
Lovely photo, Anne. I can't understand that if you're a new member, as shown above, how you've been able to submit photos without being a member.
03/Jan/11 2:16 PM
Alfred's notation is the only one I understand. Please don't change.
03/Jan/11 8:35 PM
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