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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Jan/11 12:00 AM
1:46. Another QVB shot - we had one a few weeks ago.
03/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Where is everyone?
03/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Here Chris!
03/Jan/11 12:09 AM
Hi Gail, thank goodness someone else is up and about. Anyway, it's well past my bedtime so goodnight to all.
03/Jan/11 12:11 AM
2.04 Been there many a time, but not much since we moved to them thar hills.
03/Jan/11 12:12 AM
Me too. Night Chris, night JimBob
03/Jan/11 12:13 AM
I guess that I can't resist being the first Yank to post on the site today ...
03/Jan/11 12:46 AM
Hello, Aussies and Yank!
Today is Christmas in our household .
My my son, DIL and grandies were in Texas with other family over Christmas break.
03/Jan/11 1:02 AM
Uhmmmm..sigh..Peace,at last some sign of life in the west!!!
03/Jan/11 1:05 AM

Sudoku and hot chocolate. What a great way to start a day!
03/Jan/11 1:09 AM
Good Maen
03/Jan/11 1:27 AM
Slow morning. I believe the wonderful hanging clock picture from a while ago is inside this building.
03/Jan/11 1:27 AM
Good Maen friends! How is everyone now that we are well into 2011?
03/Jan/11 1:37 AM
I have 3 cats wrestling around me now that they have been fed. On Bing yesterday it said that it was considered good luck for the year to see cats wrestling. Of course, the picture was of young lions. We also had crab yesterday...another "good luck" item for the new year.
03/Jan/11 1:42 AM
Yea, but have you had your black eyed peas? ... me neither.
03/Jan/11 1:58 AM
Nope - wish I did, though...they are yummy!
03/Jan/11 2:23 AM
maen all Y'all
03/Jan/11 2:50 AM
Nearly 3 hours and still on page 1?
03/Jan/11 2:51 AM
Personal observation - I think I'm sleeping more, and enjoying it less.
03/Jan/11 2:53 AM
03/Jan/11 2:53 AM
03/Jan/11 2:53 AM
Hmmm I fully expected a lurker to pounce, but no...
03/Jan/11 2:54 AM

03/Jan/11 2:57 AM

A warmish (50°), rainy day here. I am planning a rejuvenating day of doing nothing more strenuous than watching some football. Yep, I'm following in the boss's footsteps and "doing a Fiona!"
03/Jan/11 3:03 AM
Mornin' Kathy, he said from between clenched teeth.
03/Jan/11 3:08 AM
I haven't had the greatest start to the new year. Nasty head cold and a concussion from colliding with a concrete floor.
03/Jan/11 3:10 AM
GREG was the only winner from yesterday.
The answers were: 1. Lois, 2. steel 3. bullet, 4.flying, 5. Clark 6. Lane 7. cape 8. speed
The common theme was, of course,
03/Jan/11 3:11 AM
Good morning to all! Unusually slow here today. I guess everyone is recovering from the festive season.
03/Jan/11 3:15 AM
Ouch, Heidi! I guess you could look at it as an, "It can only get better" type of thing. I've never had a concussion, but my son did and he had a hideous headache for several days. You poor thing, having a cold to go with it!
03/Jan/11 3:17 AM
Thanks Jerry! I'll have a coffe. I just might add some Baileys to it to take the bite of the damp, cool and grey day here.
03/Jan/11 3:17 AM
Kathy, I'm on the same page you are .... a couch day and some football, some Wolrd Junior hockey. The US is looking strong this year, but but is hanging in there!
03/Jan/11 3:20 AM
Geez Kathy, I guess I'm the only one on the site who read comic books growing up.
03/Jan/11 3:21 AM
Well, I certainly did, too, Greg! I must say, not Captain Canuck, though.

The Boss informs me she will be back tomorrow, but, until then, let me just go look for a puzzle that will possibly garner more responses! I am the eternal optimist!
03/Jan/11 3:35 AM
Nope, Jerry, I got tired of waiting, didn't feel like CPing my way to it, and went off to do something else. Ah well.
03/Jan/11 3:35 AM
all. Love your new avatar Captain Canuck - very clever! Congrats on being the solo puzzle winner.
Shiela, enjoy your late Christmas with your family
Heidi, sorry about your poor head. You should lay low today like Kathy & Greg.
03/Jan/11 3:38 AM
Okay, let's give this a try.....

Susan needed to go to the store to buy some ingredients to cook with. She started writing them down:
Baking Soda
Lemon Juice

What was Susan making?

Answers to the "It's not a hangover cure" inbox, please.
03/Jan/11 3:40 AM
Keith, the pic today jogged my memory, too. This building is where Rob bought his hat in 2005 & started his collection of pins from all over the world. After our Africa trip he has now decided to retire it as it's gotten so heavy it's uncomfortable. Also, we worry about losing it now that there are so many irreplaceable pins (and memories!)on it.
03/Jan/11 3:43 AM
Happy Chilly Sunday!
Sharp eyes, Kathy.
I had to go back to find Captain Canuck...

Off to work I go
03/Jan/11 3:45 AM
Well, maybe over to the next page 1st
03/Jan/11 3:46 AM
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