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Tough Sudoku for 30/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Eeeeuuuuw! Lunch anyone?
(Great catch, by the way!)
30/Jan/11 12:09 AM
Oh my GOSH, Anne! So clear and close up ...must have been feasting slowly.
30/Jan/11 12:44 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 23.
2. If h7=6,g7=9,f7=1=b3,c7=7;column b is devoid of 7.So h2=6.UP55.
3. Whether c2=8,c8=7;OR c2=2,e2=3,e4=8=f9;f7=7.UP81.
30/Jan/11 12:47 AM

30/Jan/11 12:50 AM
Not been long on this site but this was very easy. Colouring and an xy-wing solved it .. this a little more direct.
(2=4)a1 - (4=23)ad9 - (2)e9=e8 => c2<>2, d1<>2
30/Jan/11 1:00 AM
easy to UP=55
2 skyscraper c27-e29 => a9,d7<>2
Hybrid-Wing (2)a1=d1=(2)d9 or (4)a1=(3)a9=>d9<>3 UP=81
30/Jan/11 1:27 AM
Ain't nature beautiful?
30/Jan/11 1:40 AM
"Hey, kids! Come here and look what Mom brought home for dinner!"
30/Jan/11 2:05 AM
Hi peterj,

Some of the puzzles are trivial, some (like this one) are easy, and the rest are not.

May I ask, which do you like best?
30/Jan/11 2:26 AM
Neil, I like a whole range - it's more a matter of expectation. Like many I have a bunch of places I get puzzles from, some are advanced and I look forward to solving them with patterns, others are more extreme and I expect to have to use chains/als/krakens. In my month or so looking at this site, these "toughs" are usually in the latter camp.
30/Jan/11 2:40 AM
1. SST to UP=55.
2. (2=7)c7-f7=(78-2)ef9=e2 => c2<>2; UP=81.
30/Jan/11 3:01 AM
Is this a scene from Beetlejuice?

Great close-up Anne.
30/Jan/11 6:06 AM
(for the record, the patterns)
SSTS to UP81 [FXW(2)ad19 > -2d7, YW(342)a19d9 > -2d1].
30/Jan/11 6:13 AM
(using uniqueness)
(4=7)g9-f9=(7-6)f7=d7 > -4a9, +6d7, UP81
30/Jan/11 6:40 AM
another typical YW chain target puzzle is June 1,2008.
30/Jan/11 9:03 AM
Hi pj.
Is your "e8" a typo for "(8)e9", or something like that ?

Regards, Alfred.
30/Jan/11 9:40 AM
Alfred, thanks - it should be e2!
I make my notes in r#c# numbered from top left and then translate them to the convention on this forum later - my row 8 is row 2..
30/Jan/11 9:47 AM
A feast fit for a king!
30/Jan/11 10:07 AM
pj,after ad9=23, can't e1 also be 2 ? After e9=8, e4=3, then e2=2, but you seem to have skipped that.
30/Jan/11 11:34 AM
A feast fit for a spider more like it Heidi.
30/Jan/11 8:20 PM
Alfred, in my grid prior to this there is a naked triple (238)e942 which eliminates the 2 from e1 making the strong link (2)e9=e2
30/Jan/11 8:39 PM
Thanks pj.I missed that, as well as the 67 pair at ci1, which is why I only got to UP23 in my step 1.
30/Jan/11 10:21 PM
07/Mar/19 2:50 PM
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