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Easy Sudoku for 30/January/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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all - yesterday was beautiful even reached the 60's - what will today bring, since it is 37° out now?

Yes, Wagdy is safe (here in the USA), it has been tough for his family in Egypt - he has been in contact. May we all pray for those who love and desire peace, that they are not harmed. Many of the demonstrators are peaceful people, who only want to be heard.
30/Jan/11 12:00 AM
30/Jan/11 12:00 AM
That should be Most rather than Many.
30/Jan/11 12:01 AM
Good Morning! We could use some of that 60° weather. We received 3 more inches of snow last night with more on the way this week.
30/Jan/11 12:01 AM
Hello Eve & Dorthea.
Thanks for the update, Eve. I was wondering about Wagdy as I signed on.
30/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Hope things get better in the world. All governments are strange. Remember Kent State?
30/Jan/11 12:02 AM
It is good to know that Wagdy is safe! My husband and I have had him on our minds as we watch the turmoil on the news.
30/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Hello Debby. We're having 'Winterfest' today here. Guess the snow is wanted today for the snowman building contest!
30/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Morn'n Dorthy & Debbie - It may have been our warmest day of the year yesterday - Debbie: hate to rub it in - it was glorious.

Anyone claim responsibility for today's photo puzzle? In solving start with the 9's to 1's - it will be a quickie.
30/Jan/11 12:09 AM
HA! Thought you were spared my bid for PETRUCCIO???
Not until Wednesday morning!
...at the above link and help our local shelter win a very needed $10K!
30/Jan/11 12:14 AM
Eve - I agree - it was beautiful our yesterday - and that is coming from someone who hasn't had NEARLY enough SNOW for the season.
But I did get a lot of yard work done and the crocus are starting to come up in my lawn where there are about 500 planted.
30/Jan/11 12:16 AM
So grateful to hear that Wagdy's family is OK - will keep them all in my prayers. Very grateful our dear friend has been out in So. Cal visiting his grandson.
30/Jan/11 12:17 AM
Eve - That is okay. You have to expect the snow when you live in Michigan!

Shiela - Sounds like fun. Yes, the new snow will be an "extra" for today! Enjoy!

We talked with friends in VA yesterday and it was in the 40's there! That sounded wonderful!
30/Jan/11 12:17 AM
Voted, Vici!
30/Jan/11 12:18 AM
GOOD Morning to those of us on the topside!
GOOD night and sweet dreams to all those down-under.
30/Jan/11 12:18 AM
Thank you, thank you, thank you Shiela!
You guys have been most helpful...even more so than many of our shelter's volunteers. What's up with that??? Guess you find the best folk somewhere in Sudokuland
30/Jan/11 12:20 AM
Dorthea - we do have our share of unexplainable hostilities. In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we just all get along?"
30/Jan/11 12:21 AM
WOW - those ARE some big Levis...but like Borat here, this picture kind of creeps me out!
30/Jan/11 12:25 AM
I agree, Vici!
30/Jan/11 12:42 AM
Hopefully they were going to a Halloween party? Or maybe one of them had lost a LOT of weight???
30/Jan/11 12:43 AM
30/Jan/11 12:43 AM
30/Jan/11 12:43 AM
Vici... About that cat with the green ears...
Does your animal shelter know about this?
(Don't worry, I used to put Mardi Gras beads on my cat! He actually loved the attention he got!)
30/Jan/11 12:47 AM
I agree, Shiela - don't know how people get their cats dressed up...mine won't even keep on collars!
30/Jan/11 1:07 AM
Even though faster than usual, ... just a little slow.
30/Jan/11 1:21 AM
to all the EEG'S. The EEB's must be busy elsewhere (maybe in their beds?.

Yesterday was a horribly sad day here in the Tampa Bay area. Two police officers, both married & with young children, were shot & killed on Mon. while trying to make an arrest. Their funeral More...
30/Jan/11 1:26 AM
There's an EEB now! Hi Keith - you're up VERY early for a Sat. morning!
30/Jan/11 1:27 AM
Morning all ... yes Vici, I have voted!

Kent State - what a sad time for us all!
30/Jan/11 1:38 AM
Good morning people of the world.
30/Jan/11 1:38 AM
Good Maen, good people! I don't know how to drink my first cup of mate in a day unless it's with my Sudokuland friends. We had a very pleasant time with our guests last night and stayed up quite late. Here in another 20 minutes we'll all start to prepare a big brunch.
30/Jan/11 1:38 AM
30/Jan/11 1:38 AM
Happy National Puzzle Day.
30/Jan/11 1:39 AM
Man and I have appointments to look at some houses today. So getting ready to go out.
30/Jan/11 1:39 AM
I'm sorry to hear about the news, Kathy. It is depressing but somewhere there's got to be good news even if it isn't reported because I believe there's good people like you in Florida.
30/Jan/11 1:41 AM
We're very glad that Wagdy is safe. Is Mrs. Wagdy with him? The situation in Egypt is deplorable. I keep thinking of his newlywed daughter and her husband, too.
30/Jan/11 1:42 AM
The same goes for Wagdy. I know times can be horrible but when I look at various places where atrocities had been committed I can see good people had picked up the pieces and made the place their home again. Sometimes the atrocities were so bad that the original people were totally gone and we mourn them and try to remember them so that we learn to be better.
30/Jan/11 1:44 AM
Darn, I shouldn't have read yesterday's last page. We recorded the Clijsters-Li Na match which was televised at 3:00 AM here. We planned to watch it this morning. I did not want to know who won it before we watched, but now I do. Oh well.
By the way, Phantom, I saw the sign on the vet's More...
30/Jan/11 1:45 AM
Oh, happy, happy house hunting, Karen! I hope you can find a house (1) with a Food Preparation Area that's up to even your standards, (2) that's big enough for "anyThing" that may still develop in your lives, (3) with a safe yard in which Things and No Max can safely play (have you tried ReMax?), and (4) serviced by a reliable high speed cable utility.
30/Jan/11 1:48 AM
About the french toast/pizza thread yesterday. I like turning french toast into a monte cristo sandwich. You start with french toast and load it with ham or corned beef. Melted cheese is optional, as is a shallow bowl of syrup for dipping the sandwich in as you eat it.
30/Jan/11 1:51 AM
Thank you, shosho. I truly do believe that there are more good people in the world than bad, but I hate it when the "bad" people cause so much suffering for the good people. And sorry to say, the worst incidents in the news lately (shootings in Tucson, the slain police officers, & the kids murdered by their mom) have all been caused by guns! No further comment.
30/Jan/11 1:56 AM
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