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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:52 Good night all!
26/Nov/17 12:14 AM
Where to retire?????

You can retire to Phoenix, Arizona where...

1. You are willing to park three blocks away from your house because you found shade.

2. You've experienced condensation on your rear-end from the hot water in the toilet bowl.

3. You can drive More...
26/Nov/17 12:32 AM
You can retire to Nebraska or Kansas where...

1. You've never met any celebrities, but the mayor knows your name.

2. Your idea of a traffic jam is three cars waiting to pass a tractor.

3. You have had to switch from 'heat' to 'A/C' on the same day.

4. You More...
26/Nov/17 12:34 AM
Good Maen, good people. All too true, Neal. Can you find anything similar to post about various U.K. locales?
26/Nov/17 1:16 AM
Hi Plum, I will do my best when you can spell my name correctly.
26/Nov/17 1:18 AM
Oh no! A spelling error!!
26/Nov/17 2:41 AM
26/Nov/17 2:50 AM
I have seen that fountain, but have forgotten about those statues - off to find a description...

26/Nov/17 4:00 AM
Here it is: Some of the decorations double in their functions, for example the fountain located at the main entrance to the college, also served as a sun dial during the days when the college was a hotel.  The four turtles directly underneath the fountain base represent the four seasons while the 12 frogs that surround the fountain represent the 12 hours of the day.
26/Nov/17 4:02 AM
Have a good day everyone!
26/Nov/17 4:02 AM
Sorry, Neil! LOL. I have been having trouble with my website building as captions have jumped ship and gone over to photos to which they don't belong. So I have had to retype a photo caption several times over the last few days typing the name Neal (properly spelled for the gentleman in More...
26/Nov/17 4:16 AM
26/Nov/17 4:33 AM
Plum, you can always blame auto-correct. It took a bit for my friend, Monica, to teach auto-correct that her name was not Maniacal!
26/Nov/17 4:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! Easy sudoku and a fun jigsaw!
26/Nov/17 4:53 AM
Morning all, beautiful fountain.
Thank you Joyce for the history of the fountain.
26/Nov/17 5:31 AM
Lovely photo of a beautiful fountain.
26/Nov/17 5:36 AM
12 hours of the day?
26/Nov/17 6:03 AM
Well, Joyce did mention that the fountain had served as a 'sundial'...
26/Nov/17 6:29 AM
Anyone heard from Wombat?
26/Nov/17 8:14 AM
Wombat - conspicuous by his absence, it seems.
26/Nov/17 8:44 AM
shosho - my autocorrect always tries to make you Shoshone.
26/Nov/17 8:45 AM
Hope he's OK.
26/Nov/17 8:45 AM
22 if Peter doesn't grab it.
26/Nov/17 8:45 AM
I handed it to you.
26/Nov/17 8:46 AM
Well would you look at that......Plum pushed me......she did, she pushed me!
26/Nov/17 8:47 AM
Yes. I was just checking in for a 1&4 from Wombat.

Hope you're okay!
26/Nov/17 8:47 AM
I'm feeling decidedly picked upon today. First 'NEIL' (who owes me some UK humor) and now Peter (who owes me 22).
26/Nov/17 8:50 AM
Submariners Christmas dinner last night. Great night had by the few Taswegian submariners.

Paid tribute the the men and woman on the San Juan.
26/Nov/17 8:50 AM
BTW That 'hope you're okay' is for Wombat. Not you, Peter.
26/Nov/17 8:51 AM
26/Nov/17 8:52 AM
Good point Dotcom.
26/Nov/17 8:52 AM
Thanks, Joyce, for educating us on the interesting details. And 'hey back atcha' to everyone else: Anne, Denny, HalT, Greg, Amelia, jacalmi, Devil or Angel and Judy. It's such a treat to be able to connect with you all.
26/Nov/17 8:58 AM

My family have moved to their new house! I am slowly getting MY house back in order. I have my computer back AND my own bathroom! 5 months sharing with hubby was a test of our marriage.
There is still a lot of their stuff More...
26/Nov/17 9:01 AM
Is Wombat among the missing? Hope all is okay.
26/Nov/17 9:04 AM
HI, KATHY!!!!!

26/Nov/17 9:04 AM
Aw, Peter. I was going to be friendly and buy you a local craft beer but Kathy stepped into the 33 spot.

Thank you for your service and continuing devotion.
26/Nov/17 9:06 AM
Maybe Peter left to try to check on Wombat? Hope someone can.

My break is over. Back to work for a while longer before my day is done.
26/Nov/17 9:08 AM
I need to go start dinner. Cooking for two instead of seven is quite a change. Our grocery bill is going to take a real nosedive! To say nothing of the water bill. Baths, showers, laundry, dishwasher.....
26/Nov/17 9:10 AM
Thanks, Plum. It's good to be back.
My presence may be a little spotty for awhile, but, I'll get here as much as I can.
Tomorrow another load leaves the house and I can (hopefully) get another guest room back in order.
My kitchen awaits...bye for now.
26/Nov/17 9:15 AM
Kathy, I'm so happy to see you back. I was missing you but now you can stay in touch. Take care.
26/Nov/17 9:17 AM
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