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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
27/Nov/17 12:00 AM
27/Nov/17 12:33 AM
27/Nov/17 2:24 AM
all who follow. It's 10:26 AM here now. What time is it where you are?
27/Nov/17 2:27 AM
7:33 here. Where is everyone? Sleeping after big weekend of shopping?!
27/Nov/17 2:34 AM
7:34am, that is.
27/Nov/17 2:35 AM
10:51 AM. So a 7 minute gap from me to you and a 17 minute gap from you to me. This is fun.
27/Nov/17 2:51 AM
Good morning to all! Super day here.
27/Nov/17 2:53 AM
The Canadian football championship playing for the Greg Cup is being held here today. There's been lots of activities going on for several days now and the city is overflowing with visitors from all across Canada. All the hotels are sold out, restaurants swarming with customers, bars and clubs doing great. Lots of revenue coming in before Christmas.
27/Nov/17 2:57 AM
The 'Greg' Cup? What a special honor, CG! I always thought it was the Grey Cup, but, who am I to quibble?
Sounds like Ottawa is bursting at the seams....in a good way.
27/Nov/17 3:14 AM
I am waiting for the ''kids'' to make the last pick up of their belongings this afternoon. It will be nice to get the strollers off the porch. Hubby has volunteered to take the big items in his truck. I'm going to go along. I've only seen it pretty much from the top of a ladder while More...
27/Nov/17 3:22 AM
Oh.....it is 11:24 AM here.
27/Nov/17 3:24 AM
I just noticed the time on my computer is wrong. I guess I need to fumble around and see if I can correct it. Or, I can just wait for a computer savvy person to wander by and drag them in. Aha! hubby just walked by. He'll do!
27/Nov/17 3:28 AM
Happy Sunday, 8:31am PST, 57degF, expected high of 74degF
27/Nov/17 3:32 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
27/Nov/17 3:34 AM
all. Time? Why, 11:38 AM of course.
27/Nov/17 3:37 AM
9:20 AM here in hot, sunny Southern California!

Does anyone know Wombat's phone number and can call and check on him? Getting pretty worried ...
27/Nov/17 4:20 AM
Well, mistakes happen. I haven't lived long enough to have donated that trophy. C'est la vie!
27/Nov/17 4:48 AM
Grey Cup Day is always a good time. We've had quite a few here as well.
27/Nov/17 5:06 AM

Those interested in trains / train stations, may find this story from England of interest...

27/Nov/17 5:19 AM
Sometimes, when the opportunity presents itself, one must.............

27/Nov/17 5:25 AM
Take advantage of the situation. Just for you Keith....
27/Nov/17 5:25 AM
Morning all, I assume that is a statue !
Came out to see the sky bright red,but not for long.
27/Nov/17 5:37 AM
27/Nov/17 6:41 AM
Hello all; nice to see such happy chatter! I've been to a surprise 70th birthday brunch - it extended into the afternoon; it is 4:15 pm here EST
27/Nov/17 8:15 AM
....but still no Wombat! That's not good; someone needs to rouse his household!
27/Nov/17 8:17 AM
4:43 PM now EST also.
27/Nov/17 8:44 AM
2:00 Good morning one and all! 8:02am in West Oz.
27/Nov/17 11:02 AM
A slow day here but time keeps moving: 8:14 pm EST
27/Nov/17 12:14 PM
It's 8:38 pm EST here. No wonder we use MAEN here.
27/Nov/17 12:38 PM
I asked about Wombat on TOS. Perhaps someone from there will know how to get in touch? In the meantime the news out of Canberra is that they've had a few days of severe storms with 4 inches of rain to date and minor flooding. Perhaps that has somehow affected Wombat's ability to get online?
27/Nov/17 12:43 PM
Those two 'heres' were confusing. I should have phrased that comment differently.
27/Nov/17 12:44 PM
We have been celebrating Faun's birthday this long holiday weekend but today is her actual birthday. Movies, games, good food. What a delightful way to celebrate a delightful daughter!
27/Nov/17 12:49 PM
We have watched Audrey Hepburn in 'My Fair Lady,' Danny Kaye in 'Court Jester,' and Ian McKellan in the 'Scarlet Pimpernel,' which is definitely a version of that story worth watching. I highly recommend it, though I don't know if it's available outside of the US.
27/Nov/17 1:00 PM
Good Afternoon.
27/Nov/17 1:50 PM
I don't have any way to contact Wombat, sorry.
27/Nov/17 1:51 PM
Now I'm worried about him too.
27/Nov/17 1:52 PM
The weather has cleared up at the moment, it's lovely and sunny outside right now.
27/Nov/17 1:54 PM
I'll leave the next couple of posts for someone else to grab, I have run out of energy.
27/Nov/17 1:55 PM
Well, I'm just checking back on my way to bed, but I have enough energy left to turn the page!
27/Nov/17 2:04 PM
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