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Tough Sudoku for 5/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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do I get to be first?
hi all from Oz
Not a new one...
Cryptic hints :
1) easy to 26 filled.
2) Looking at 7 in Bg2, at 5 in Bg2, at 8 in Be5, at 17 in a6b6, at 28 in i8d8, eliminate some possibles, then easy to 39 filled.
3) Looking at 15 in h2i2, at 14 in g9i9, eliminate some possibles, then easy to 54 filled.
4) Looking at e3, eliminate g1=3. Then easy to unique solution.
Of course full details in sandbox.
I'm disappointed I stayed up late and got that for a picture. I'll have bad dreams
21:01 with 1 guess
and THAT is NOT my rottweiler either!
I reckon it is a great picture - That hippo has a styl all of it's own,
37:11 this is it for today
Is that a hippo? Looks like my sister :D
Didn't bother timing myself. Just as well, I had to check my moves twice.
I guess this one's for all y'all that complained about them being too easy lately...still working on it myself.
The buisness end of a hippo. Just what I want to see in the AM.
easier tough too. needed set-up in the middle for some eliminations...
10 min pretty easy
did in less than 15mins dunno wot the fuss is about!! dont u have some harder ones? and yes the picture is dissapointing!!
Hi everyone! I like hippos but it would have been a better pic. if it was the facing the camera instead??
Okay! Abort mission. This is a print out one.
Back when I finish.
2:38 And I thought I had eaten too much at Thanksgiving!!!
5:26 Time to quit now. Way to good a time for this one.
hey.. im waitin for my sheep picture to turn up.. patience!
30:31 and that was only after I had help from gb's cryptic hints (got stuck on 54 filled until I read hint 4).
why do i whant to see a hippo's bum
I wonder as I wander,
out under the stars,
is that a mrs.or mr.
or visitor from Mars?
I have been following the comments here for some time. But it seems different ppl use diff notations. I couldn't understand the notation Bg2. Can anyone explain to me? Though I feel to avoid any confusion, best is to use R1C1 notation.
all that hardwork to find a picture of the mother-in-law
Nearly 1am here - I met my match ... found this puzzle challanging, actually very difficult - Agree with Jawahar, R1C1 is clearer and I feel, understood more widely. It's used in chess ... good enough for me. We are trying to be inclusive and more global, aren't we.
tame gujarati chho?
18:02 a bit slow 2nite
8:46 I don't believe it? But for the first time, I noticed the 'allow incorrect moves' button and turned it off. I don't usually use anything except the 'check moves' button, so perhaps I do it the hard way. Do others use these options?
All for a hippo
23:41. Yep, R1C1 notation is much simpler
this one's tough.. i don't seem to get it..
13.30,and which of you jokers was taking my photo during my outdoor bathing extravaganza?You definitely got my BEST side!!!!
Joan and Jawahar :
R1C1 is clear only after setting that :
'rows are labeled 1 to 8 from top to bottom, columns are labeled 1 to 8 from left to right' and you still need to define a clear notation for blocks.
andrei's notation is defined by :
'rows are labeled 1 to 8 from bottom to top, More...
And BTW you set the definitions once, but use the namings of cells each time you have to write a proof... have a look in my sandbox, you'll see a lot of typing is saved.

To get used with andrei's notation, I wrote a tutorial (google 'andrei's notation' or 'sudoku sandbox').
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