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Tough Sudoku for 5/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, God!

Did Kevin enjoy the amazing Egyptian architecture, Wagdy, both old and new?
05/Sep/09 12:25 AM
Beautiful, Kevin! For a moment I thought it was a plate! What a gorgeous blue!
05/Sep/09 12:32 AM
Looking forward to a long weekend here--enjoy yours, everyone!
05/Sep/09 1:16 AM
Just beautiful, Kevin! Thanks.
05/Sep/09 1:20 AM
20+ minutes... gorgeous ceiling!
05/Sep/09 2:15 AM
1. Note pair 59 at g28,triples 349 at d2/e1/f2;345 at a45/b4.Unique possibilities to 27.
2. If g9=1,g6=3.Also,g9=7=e7,b7=2,f7=1=d6 makes g6=3.UP28.
3. If g2=9,e1=9.Also,g2=5=b4,b8=3=e9 makes e1=9.UPs to 44.
4. f8=2 (to avoid the unresolvable 34 rectangle at df28),UPs to 81.
05/Sep/09 5:41 AM
21:39, that's Wagdy territory! Has anyone heard from him lately?
05/Sep/09 5:31 PM
1) start 22 UP 27
2a) (NP27=3)b78 - a9 = (3-7)e9 = e7 - (7=2)b7 => a89c8b2<>2
2bc) (LC15)def7 => df8<>15
2d) (HP59)g28 => g28 <> 1367
2e) (LC3) g456 => i56<>3
2f) (AUR24) hi69 => sis [ (4)e9,(1)hi6] =>
(4)e9 = (1)hi6- h4 = f4 - (1=2)f7 - More...
05/Sep/09 6:54 PM
Hi Steve.Regarding your step 2f):On my grid,I have hi6=124;hi9=1247,and I can't see any follow up (using the 24 AUR),whether 4 occupies e9 or hi9.Were you able to eliminate 17 from hi9 somehow? BTW you mean (1)hi6-g4 in this step?
Regards, Alfred.
05/Sep/09 9:04 PM
Hi Alfred,
First, a typo, indeed g4. Second, another typo:
(24)e9 should be part of the AUR sis.
Finally, one last typo, the entire chain should read:
(NT234)e9df8 = (1)hi6- g4 = f4 - (1=2)f7 - (2=NP34)df8 loop => ab8,e9<>3, g6<>1, e7<>2 UP 81

Second, to More...
06/Sep/09 7:21 PM
To be more accurate, the grouping is still a bit off in my chain:

(NT234)e9df8 = (1)hi6- g4 = f4 - (1)f7 =(NT234)df8f7 loop => ab8,e9<>3, g6<>1, e7<>2 UP 81
06/Sep/09 7:24 PM
07/Sep/09 6:05 AM

10/Sep/10 6:23 AM
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