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Medium Sudoku for 5/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Do they ever fall off?? Watch out below!
05/Sep/09 12:19 AM
A rolling stone gathers no moss...
05/Sep/09 12:25 AM
Yeah, Shiela ... the lips DO look a little like Mick Jagger's ...
05/Sep/09 12:38 AM
05/Sep/09 1:00 AM
Love your gargoyle collection, Peg!
05/Sep/09 1:04 AM
I love gargoyles--got one in my backyard, crouching among the Japanese fern, but he's not fierce--he's smiling.
05/Sep/09 1:06 AM
2:32 Maen! Looks like he's bursting out of the wall!
05/Sep/09 1:13 AM
05/Sep/09 1:14 AM
maen all! i like the ones attached to the gutter systems. when its raining they're fun to watch. there's an old cathedral about a mile from here i'll go out of my way to pass in any storm.
05/Sep/09 1:40 AM
2:52 maEn!
05/Sep/09 3:02 AM
3:20 Hi to all.
05/Sep/09 4:40 AM
If I recall correctly, gargoyles have water spouts and ones that are just decorative are called grotesques.
05/Sep/09 5:59 AM
Is that where 'gargle' comes from?
05/Sep/09 7:32 AM
05/Sep/09 9:03 AM
3:24, hi all.
05/Sep/09 10:02 AM
Yes, gargle and gargoyle both come from the word for throat.
05/Sep/09 1:57 PM
LOL 'decorative' is a funny way of putting it! ;-)

That was the fastest one I've ever done - 5.51! I don't think I've been below 7 more than a couple of times.
05/Sep/09 7:28 PM
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