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Tough Sudoku for 7/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Dec/18 3:07 AM
Basics to 25
1. if f3=8 => UR 67 ef19 => a3=8 solve
07/Dec/18 5:20 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 25.
2. If e3=7=g5,g3=5=d2,d7=9,def1=136,f9=7;26UR @ de59.So e3=3.UP29.
3. Whether c1=3;OR c1=8=a7,b1=3=c7;c6=5.UP33.
4. Whether f3=5,fg8=91;OR f3=8=a7,c7=3;b9=1.UP35.
5. Whether f3=5,f8=9;OR f3=8=a7,f8=5,b8=7=a2,a3=2,i3=1=a5,f5=4 (or else 34UR @ af46;f5<>9.UP81.
07/Dec/18 5:42 AM
#26 5?@h6=>{b6=9,c6=3=>c2=1=>h2=6=>d2=5=>d1=1=>h1=2=>b4=2=>g7=2=>i7=6=>c5 =6}=>a….i5<>5=>h6<>5
#33 5?@h3=>{i3=1=>a5=1,d2=5=>d7=9=>f5=9}=>i5=4=>i8=6=>a7=6=>a3=8=>f3={}=> h3<>5
#25 267@def9 57@g35=>9@df5
07/Dec/18 6:28 AM
Not the highest mountain Australia. Big Ben on Heard Island is the tallest.
07/Dec/18 6:33 AM
This mountain looks like it's on the moon!
07/Dec/18 7:37 AM
It looks like an Earth mountain from the other side. Snow at Easter is unusual in the Snowy Mountains. The oldest Alpine Ski club in the world was formed nearby by Norwegian Gold miners in the 1860's.
07/Dec/18 6:10 PM
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