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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Those and many more questions need to be answered. Goodnight everybody
07/Dec/18 12:03 AM
That last post was supposed to be yesterday, in answer to Arachnid 's questions.

Goodnight all
07/Dec/18 12:07 AM
2:04. Good night Rage and Good Morning to those to come.
07/Dec/18 12:07 AM
2:08 Lovely photo. Good night Rage, Tom and all who follow.
07/Dec/18 12:25 AM
Good Maen, good people. I woke up this morning after a FULL night's sleep feeling MUCH better. Still sore but I've definitely turned the corner! Ugh. This has been a difficult past week but I'm through it. Now the fun part where I treat myself and take it easy, only gradually resuming normal activities. I've earned it.
07/Dec/18 12:51 AM
Good to hear, Plum. Continue to have someone else do everything for you.
07/Dec/18 2:34 AM
07/Dec/18 3:11 AM

Good news, Plum.
07/Dec/18 3:36 AM
Get well soon, Plum!!
07/Dec/18 4:04 AM
Morning all. Good news, Plum. Keep up the good work.
07/Dec/18 5:17 AM
What kind of pet does laundry?

Wait for it.....

A ''laundramutt''..................

All together now, GROAN!
07/Dec/18 5:28 AM
Morning all, love sunrise photos.
DOA, I tried to groan but had a fit of coughing instead. lol
07/Dec/18 5:47 AM
07/Dec/18 5:50 AM
Why is it that I get through winter without even a sniffle and now with the warmer weather I have a head cold and a bad cough. I'm sure I will survive.
07/Dec/18 6:07 AM
07/Dec/18 6:19 AM
Plum, great news! Hope you continue to feel better. Definitely take you time and get lots of rest!
07/Dec/18 7:05 AM
Wendy for the gorgeous sunrise photo! Hope the whole day was just as beautiful!
07/Dec/18 7:47 AM
Get ready, fellow Americans, December 8 is National Brownie Day! I wonder what lobbying effort was successful in getting that particular designation!? But I think I will make brownies today, no matter what the politics were, so I will be ready to celebrate.
07/Dec/18 7:59 AM
From my Google search:
Unfortunately, no one really knows who created National Brownie Day. Most likely, it was created by brownie fans who want to celebrate the decadent goodness of brownies. If we ever find out who invented this unofficial holiday, we’ll be sure to give them a big thank you!
07/Dec/18 8:01 AM
As long as I am celebrating Dec 8, let me not forget December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, a day, as an eloquent president said, that will live in infamy.
07/Dec/18 8:03 AM
KEITH! Oh Keith, Keith, where are you?
07/Dec/18 8:16 AM
Ah well, can't wait.....

07/Dec/18 8:17 AM
Ambles off into the distance.......
07/Dec/18 8:18 AM
Someone should provide the answers to Arachnid's mini quizz from yesterday....
07/Dec/18 8:19 AM
Time to change my avatar.
07/Dec/18 8:22 AM
I'm glad someone ( πŸ‘πŸΌSarah) mentioned Pearl Harbor. I watched a documentary today with historical footage from the Pearl Harbor attack. I am enjoying streaming via our new high speed internet.
07/Dec/18 9:05 AM
Peter, I see you switched to a new mascot avatar.

'Rah, rah old farts!'
07/Dec/18 9:15 AM
I don't seem to have any choice but to sleep. It's like my body has suddenly realized that the apnea is gone and is trying to make up for decades of dysfunctional rest periods. I can't believe how utterly relaxed I am waking up from yet another deep sleep. Is this normal?
07/Dec/18 9:20 AM
1:40. Good afternoon everyone.
07/Dec/18 1:11 PM
No sun - it's dark outside.
Hope your day was sunny!
07/Dec/18 1:21 PM
A very late 'Hello' …
Happy you are finding daily improvements, Plum!
Pam, just amazing that your pain abated so quickly - lucky you!
Shake that cold, Amelia, so that you can appreciate the absence of winter!

We had early sun which helped melt the perennial inch & half of snow we seem to have welcoming us each morn - hope your mornings are sunny & 'spring-like'
07/Dec/18 2:46 PM
I'd better get a move on or Rage will be around wanting me to shout him a VB...
07/Dec/18 6:19 PM
I'll have an Irin Jack please barman, and one for yourself.

Better put one in the tap for Rage...
07/Dec/18 6:20 PM
Hi all. Nearly that time of year again. πŸŽ„
Bought another Sudoku book in KMart this arvo.
Just what I need.
At last count I have at least a dozen. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
Happy recovery Plum from whatever it is you are recovering
07/Dec/18 11:40 PM
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