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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
08/Dec/18 12:00 AM
2:15. He's young, but has lots of seniority, it seems. 'Morning Wolf and everyone!
08/Dec/18 12:30 AM
1:41 Good night all.
08/Dec/18 12:30 AM
A sunny start to our day -hope you have some happy rays, too!
08/Dec/18 1:24 AM
I've got sun, too!
Thanks, Joyce!
08/Dec/18 2:17 AM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it 2:30 in the morning
You can get it when the barman remembers Peter put one in the tap...
Ahhh thanks Peter and Cheers everyone.
08/Dec/18 2:28 AM
I fell asleep doing the easy puzzle last night so here I am at 2:30 wide awake.
So whatever's left of your night, I wish you a goodie, goodnight
08/Dec/18 2:36 AM
We finally have a sunny day, too!
I'm glad to hear you are getting good rest and are feeling better, Plum.
Pam, hubby's big complaint after shoulder surgery wasn't about pain (he had little of that). He said the most More...
08/Dec/18 2:45 AM
08/Dec/18 2:46 AM
2:04. As I get older, more and more of the pilots look like this to me
08/Dec/18 3:00 AM
Good one, Pikers! As do the road service folks, the roofers, the bridge & road-building crew, the ones on those HUGE earth-movers - it's hard to know WHO to trust these days...!
08/Dec/18 3:11 AM
Maen, all. Here in Pugetopolis we are about to get punished for our week of sunshine.
08/Dec/18 3:19 AM
08/Dec/18 3:34 AM
08/Dec/18 4:12 AM
08/Dec/18 4:15 AM
Cute kid and fun puzzle.
08/Dec/18 5:53 AM
Morning all, I wonder if he still wants to be a pilot .
Thanks Kathy, I had a coughing fit at 2am this morning , ended up in the recliner. I could have kept Rage company.
08/Dec/18 6:08 AM
08/Dec/18 6:24 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
08/Dec/18 6:45 AM
Afternoon ... a little late getting here.
08/Dec/18 7:31 AM
08/Dec/18 7:31 AM
08/Dec/18 7:31 AM
Well, Congratulations to Keith, he got his favourite number, but didn't quite make it to a CP. I'll be happy to just post a poozle and here it is.


This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters More...
08/Dec/18 9:40 AM
In the example, above:
Column B&D: U-C T-B and R-A
08/Dec/18 2:12 PM
Ok, with that correction posted: Y'all try it now!
08/Dec/18 3:10 PM
08/Dec/18 3:27 PM
No worries Sarah. All done and dusted.
08/Dec/18 6:02 PM
Hello again, hey Peter your New avatar reminds me of the three rules of growing old
08/Dec/18 11:55 PM
Well I'm heading for the last post of the day
08/Dec/18 11:56 PM
Can I make it?...
08/Dec/18 11:57 PM
And get a beer o'clock?...
08/Dec/18 11:58 PM
Gunner be close...
08/Dec/18 11:59 PM
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