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Easy Sudoku for 13/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13/Feb/16 12:01 AM
13/Feb/16 12:38 AM
Happy travels Hal!
13/Feb/16 12:39 AM
Good morning Keith and everyone who follows...
13/Feb/16 12:40 AM
Good morning Halt, Keith, Joyce and all others coming in later...Have a great day!
13/Feb/16 1:24 AM
from beautiful OK
13/Feb/16 1:37 AM
Safe travels Hal, see you at 22 Keith, good morning Joyce, happy to see you posting Orianne.
13/Feb/16 1:39 AM
That is on my to-do list.

Hi shosho.
13/Feb/16 1:44 AM
Sad news yesterday my foot is not healing. There still is no bone growth. There are 2 things left to try, 1 a bone stimulator which I doubt insurance will pay for, 2 another surgery with a plate in my foot. Will see what will happen.
CP suggested sitting and resting, I have done a lot of that this last 2 weeks but to sit more I would have to be tied to a chair.
13/Feb/16 1:47 AM


In the today we have Judy, Aileen, Joyce, lonewoof, and Kathy. Here are some carbohydrates for the winners.
13/Feb/16 1:47 AM
Sue, hope it all works out for you.
13/Feb/16 1:49 AM
You wouldn’t believe how many of these lonewoof sent.

1 : 1 = N.P. (or S.P.)
2 : 7 = Y. of B.L. if you B. a M.
3 : 76 = T. (that L. the B. P.)
4 : 110 = C.C.B. (previous equation)
5 : 109 = K.'s PT B.

Answers to my ‘’equations’’ inbox please.
13/Feb/16 2:01 AM
Sue, good luck with whatever you choose.
13/Feb/16 2:03 AM
Good morning to all! I wouldn't want to be wandering around near the top of that canyon.
13/Feb/16 2:10 AM
Orianne, it's great to see you back and posting!
13/Feb/16 2:12 AM
Sue, as Hal said, good luck regardless of the choice.
13/Feb/16 2:12 AM
Every night and day we sit and complain about the rubbish commercials that we are forced to watch by our major networks. Check out this one and enjoy! A wonderful way to wake up! David Attenborough does it again! What a stunning commercial from BBC!
13/Feb/16 2:13 AM
Seems I woke back up at a good time.
13/Feb/16 2:25 AM
13/Feb/16 2:26 AM
Gallump gallump.
13/Feb/16 2:26 AM
Gallump gallump gallump.
13/Feb/16 2:26 AM
13/Feb/16 2:27 AM
Pant pant pant.
13/Feb/16 2:27 AM
I've been waiting for that California guy to gallump past.

13/Feb/16 2:30 AM
Getting in the spirit of Valentine's Day with a change of avatar. The bats will be napping for a few days, but, they'll be back. I've been told some don't recognize my posts unless they're a little batty.
13/Feb/16 2:36 AM
for a successful resolution to your foot problem, Sue.
13/Feb/16 2:39 AM
Thx for the reminder, Kathy, and

thx Orianne, for your comment on my page. It made me notice I've still got the rocky road Christmas tree picture up. Now I'm wondering what I should replace it with.
13/Feb/16 2:48 AM
Happy Friday!
CG: that was a nice video!
Day 2 of staycation just might find us at Disney California Adventure later today (Hubby still asleep)
13/Feb/16 3:27 AM

Aileen - Enjoy your staycation whether it's at Disney or elsewhere. It appears you at least have power today!
13/Feb/16 3:53 AM
Sue - I'm sorry your foot isn't healing. Hopefully, they get things figured out shortly.
13/Feb/16 3:54 AM
Good morning.
13/Feb/16 4:01 AM
Sorry to hear there is no bone growth, Sue.
13/Feb/16 4:02 AM
Not great choices - good luck.
13/Feb/16 4:03 AM
Will try the equations later, Serena.
13/Feb/16 4:04 AM
Like Keith, all this posting has made me tired, so I'm off, Bye.
13/Feb/16 4:05 AM
That's just lovely, Greg. Thanks for posting it! I, too, wish there were more like it.
13/Feb/16 4:27 AM
Loved the commercial Greg. I agree with we need more like it.
13/Feb/16 4:33 AM
I have made crerme Brulee, Kevin's favorite. Also strata's for tomorrows breakfast and some to freeze for later.
13/Feb/16 4:35 AM
I am trying to learn to cook on one foot or sitting down.
13/Feb/16 4:36 AM
13/Feb/16 4:36 AM
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