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Easy Sudoku for 12/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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12/Feb/16 12:24 AM
12/Feb/16 12:24 AM
12/Feb/16 12:52 AM
Off to Charlotte this morning.
12/Feb/16 12:53 AM
It doesn't look like a Ferris Wheel from that close up.
12/Feb/16 1:45 AM
The following two 4x4 grids each contain a 12-letter word. Each word is formed by a chain of letters. A word can begin with any of the letters. The second letter of a word is adjacent (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to the first letter, the third letter is adjacent to the second, More...
12/Feb/16 1:46 AM
Keith has 1 & 2, now 22 and top of page and his day will be complete! That is, if he hasn't gone back to bed.

Safe travels, Hal!
12/Feb/16 2:29 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: MALTA

''Welsh horses are my favourite aniMAL. TApir, llama,.....''

Just in time for that special holiday, the ''Be My Valentine Crown''
goes to those romantic poozlers Wombat, lonewoof, Judy. More...
12/Feb/16 2:39 AM

Enough more of that white stuff fell overnight that I can't see my path to the mailbox from yesterday.
12/Feb/16 2:41 AM
I looked up Shosho's pajamajeans just for the info yesterday. Guess what ad I have on here today. Yep, Pajamajeans!
12/Feb/16 2:48 AM
Yes, Yes, YOU are especially nice & lovely too, Kathy!
12/Feb/16 2:48 AM
Good morning, all - safe & exciting travels, Hal~
12/Feb/16 2:49 AM
a beautiful day in OK
12/Feb/16 3:01 AM
I have an appointment with podiatrist today, will see how the foot is healing.
12/Feb/16 3:06 AM
Time to go, want to do a couple things before I see the podiatrist.
12/Feb/16 3:07 AM
I did go back to bed, but have now been up for over an hour. I've already run an errand to town. Remains to be seen about 22 & Top. I'll go for them if my timing's good.
12/Feb/16 3:16 AM
Good morning.
12/Feb/16 3:20 AM
Woke up and found Mr P already awake, so it's tea for two again.
12/Feb/16 3:22 AM
Some years ago we had a ride on/in the London Eye on a cool crisp but very clear November day. The view over London was spectacular.
12/Feb/16 3:24 AM
I try to not make a run for it unless we're at 18 or closer. CP's gotten us there.
12/Feb/16 3:25 AM
Gallump. Hi June.
12/Feb/16 3:25 AM
12/Feb/16 3:25 AM
Had a nice time in Sydney, but was very tired after the trip home followed straight after by hydrotherapy. So much that I cancelled out of going to a get together with hospital friends last night and went to bed early.
12/Feb/16 3:27 AM
I've seen the Eye from a distance, but never gotten in it.
12/Feb/16 3:27 AM
Just as well it took me a long time to write that last post, Keith. I was trying t set up 22 for you.
12/Feb/16 3:29 AM
Will have a look at FB and emails then it's off to try sleeping again.
12/Feb/16 3:32 AM
12/Feb/16 3:35 AM
Today, I'll be the honored grandma at my granddaughter's school function - Fancy Nancy affair. My sweet child is English, Irish, and German on her dad's side and Costa Rican and Arabic on her mom's side. I can just see the eyes bulging as I the little old Japanese grandma show up! Giggle! Shall I swagger up to the kindergarten assembly area?
12/Feb/16 3:39 AM
Funnier yet shall I converse in Spanish? I'm fluent there since I was a Spanish bilingual teacher!
12/Feb/16 3:40 AM
How you do love to mess with their heads.
12/Feb/16 3:47 AM
Happy Thursday! Day 1 of my staycation week starts today.
Sharon: have fun at your granddaughter's Fancy Nancy (?) function, and hope you post a pic or 2 (here or on TOS)
12/Feb/16 4:32 AM
Morning all, that eye looks menacing!
I know I would never get hubby on the eye, he has trouble with the smaller Ferris wheels .
12/Feb/16 5:25 AM
Good afternoon to all! A much different view of the London Eye than we normally see.
12/Feb/16 5:31 AM
Hal, safe travels, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the Ecuadorian islands.
12/Feb/16 5:33 AM
Small world Sue. I was ay the podiatrist this morning for foot care.
12/Feb/16 5:33 AM
Good thing there was a title with this, otherwise I wouldn't have known what it was.
12/Feb/16 6:38 AM
I Love It, Sharon! Hey - If ya got it FLAUNT IT!
12/Feb/16 7:01 AM
Agreed, Greg - An uncommon view.
12/Feb/16 7:07 AM
Can't leave this here.
12/Feb/16 7:09 AM
Let's go.....
12/Feb/16 7:10 AM
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