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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. We had a lovely evening with Wolf and his wife. I have posted a couple of photos on my page.
CP has gone to bed and I am about to go so we should both sleep for a while and not be making comments to one another through the wall!
11/Feb/16 12:02 AM
11/Feb/16 1:03 AM
1:54 Made a silly mistake. Thought I was still holding my badminton racquet.
Lovely photo, June.
11/Feb/16 1:04 AM
Wishing you all a day of warmth - warm temps and warm friends & family!
11/Feb/16 1:30 AM
Thanks June ...always fun to see folks having a great visit!
11/Feb/16 1:46 AM
11/Feb/16 2:35 AM
Another thank you from me June. I'm sure Wolf and Ms. Wolf enjoyed meeting you all,
11/Feb/16 2:37 AM
June - Just took a peek at your pictures of the Galapagos islands. I hope to get some as good as yours.
11/Feb/16 2:47 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: cold, cord, core, more, mare, ware, wart, warm (those last 2 are interchangeable)
Another way, if SORE is ''an imperfection'': cold, cord, core, sore, more, mare, ware, warm

The ''Poozle Master Crown'' goes to Judy, Aileen, lonewoof, Joyce, Wombat, Serena, and Sarah
11/Feb/16 2:49 AM
And, for today....

Can you find the hidden country in the following paragraph?

Welsh horses are my favourite animal. Tapir, llama, marmoset and elephant closely follow. I don't care much for English rabbits nor ocelot, adders, goldfish and spaniels.

Answers to my ''Neigh!'' inbox, please.
11/Feb/16 2:54 AM

Thanks for posting the pics from your get together, June. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time. And how nice that CP and hubby came down from Canberra. I'm sure that you've all enjoyed catching up with each other.
11/Feb/16 3:15 AM
Chris - If you're lurking in the wings like you sometimes do, I wanted to tell you my 50+ yo cousin ran 50 km over rough terrain on Sat. and was very proud of her accomplishment. She also runs marathons. Is there a reason for going 50 km other than it's a nice, round number?
11/Feb/16 3:18 AM
HalT - I hope you and Barbara have a great time on your trip.
11/Feb/16 3:18 AM
Good morning.
11/Feb/16 3:41 AM
I'm awake (obviously), don't know about June.
11/Feb/16 3:43 AM
Dot tie, the metric system was brought in years ago as the international (world wide) units for weight, length and whatever can be measured.
11/Feb/16 3:47 AM
The USA is pretty much the only country that doesn't comply with that. Certainly it's the biggest.
11/Feb/16 3:49 AM
It took a while, but we are used to it now, and can even picture in our head what each unit looks like. Funnily though, babies' birth weights can only be understood in lbs and ounces - mostly by the older folk who can't understand the baby weight in kilos, only lbs. I can picture, guess what a baby of 3kg looks like but would still covert it in my head to lbs.
11/Feb/16 3:58 AM
3kg is about 6 lb 9oz.
11/Feb/16 4:00 AM
Might have gotten back in time ...
11/Feb/16 4:01 AM
11/Feb/16 4:01 AM
11/Feb/16 4:01 AM
CP, you've hit precisely on the problem with switching over, picturing in our heads what the unfamiliar system means. I have a sense of what 70°F feels like, but not 24°C. I know how far 20 miles is, but if you tell me distance in kilometers, I have to convert it into miles before it means anything to me.
11/Feb/16 4:11 AM
Thanks Keith. BTW,June, Lizzy and I had a giggle when the number given to us for our food order last night was 22.
11/Feb/16 4:25 AM
When that happens to me, I figure it's going to be a really good day.
11/Feb/16 4:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice friendly looking dog.
11/Feb/16 5:46 AM
Nice to hear that Wolf and his spouse arrived safely. Wish them my best.
11/Feb/16 5:47 AM
Hi Dottie, I am indeed lurking. The main reason for doing 50km is it's generally regarded as the shortest distance that qualifies as an 'ultra' marathon (although that isn't a hard and fast rule.)
11/Feb/16 6:41 AM
Good morning all. Thanks for posting the photo June.
11/Feb/16 6:47 AM
Have a great trip Hal and Barbara! The Galapagos Is are on my bucket list.
11/Feb/16 6:49 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
11/Feb/16 6:50 AM
Good morning everyone! Have a great day. :)
11/Feb/16 7:06 AM
Morning all, Adele is a nice looking dog.
What is with the having to log on for everyone's page...when I hit submit to comment on June's photo it came up I have to log on to comment then after logging on had to write the comment again. Grrrr !
11/Feb/16 7:32 AM
Oriane,have a wonderful day.
11/Feb/16 7:36 AM
Hi, I'm back since I forgot to greet you all earlier- enjoy whatever is left of your day!
11/Feb/16 7:59 AM
Amelia, It happens for me whenever there are software updates; then I need to login just about everywhere!
11/Feb/16 8:01 AM
I'm preparing this for Shosho or Sacky to come along and grab this page turn with great haste....
11/Feb/16 8:02 AM
Many years ago I had a similar looking happy dog, (Ole) Shep.
11/Feb/16 8:13 AM
I might as well ...
11/Feb/16 8:37 AM
11/Feb/16 8:38 AM
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