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Easy Sudoku for 8/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon
08/Feb/16 12:13 AM
1:34 Good night one and all!
08/Feb/16 12:54 AM
08/Feb/16 1:35 AM
Good morning to all and Have a great Sunday!
08/Feb/16 2:07 AM
08/Feb/16 2:17 AM
Good morning to all! So Mad Max gambles in Nevada?
08/Feb/16 2:29 AM
I suppose most of the Americans are all geared up for the Super Bowl. Call your winner folks!
08/Feb/16 2:30 AM

Not too sure which team it will be , but Im sure there will be a winner!! Just hope its a good game
08/Feb/16 2:42 AM

Just in case anyone wonders I wont be around next week at least at this time.....I have 9 days off during which time I will get my phone enabled to make overseas calls
08/Feb/16 2:44 AM
No prediction here. I suppose I'll watch at least parts of it, and check in on the puppy bowl and kitten bowl. Those are at least as much fun.
08/Feb/16 2:53 AM
Well, my team's not in the Super Bowl, but, I'll watch anyway. I just like football. It's always fun to see the commercials. And, yes, Keith, the ''Critter Bowls'' are fun, too.
08/Feb/16 3:12 AM
Happy Bowl Day! No Wolf-greeting today; suppose he finally packed & is on his way Downunder; give him hearty hello's when he has his Sydney meet-up & others on his travels!
08/Feb/16 3:13 AM
I guess the good thing about not having your team in the game is you don't really care who wins. Cuts down on a lot of stress while watching. We have a few friends coming over and all are bringing food. I have a crock pot of chili going, and I'll make a salad....should be a fun night.
08/Feb/16 3:16 AM
Good morning.
08/Feb/16 3:17 AM
Indeed, I do think most of America is gearing up for/watching the Superbowl.
08/Feb/16 3:19 AM
That loooong flight is well worth it. He'll have such a reward at the end of it! I'm hoping he keeps in touch and posts photos!
08/Feb/16 3:19 AM
I have no idea where things are up to with the timje difference.
08/Feb/16 3:20 AM
Don't think he'll have tie for photo sending - from Oz at least. It's a very tight agendca.
08/Feb/16 3:21 AM
Hoipefully someone will post a picture of the get-together.
08/Feb/16 3:22 AM
Sounds like fun Kathy. My team, the Patriots, didn't make it either, but I'd like to see Manning go out with a big hurrah.
08/Feb/16 3:22 AM
Thanks for umbrells yeste4rday, Keith! Very helpful.
08/Feb/16 3:25 AM
08/Feb/16 3:26 AM
Karma strikes.
08/Feb/16 3:26 AM
& here I thought that was Tigger.
08/Feb/16 3:36 AM
Wolf's flight leaves in just over 9 hours time so I do hope that he is packed and ready.
Wonderful to see Orianne posting again.
08/Feb/16 3:58 AM
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
I'm not fan of pro football, altho Hubby is hoping the Chargers move to LA.
If I had to choose, it would probably the NC team, as it's their 1st Super Bowl appearance.
08/Feb/16 4:16 AM
Back to bed time.
08/Feb/16 4:16 AM
For those of my generation who do not and cannot comprehend why Facebook exists: I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same principles.

Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done More...
08/Feb/16 4:39 AM
the sun hasn't made an appearance as of yet.
08/Feb/16 4:47 AM
Already been to see Harry, took him a real cup of coffee, Birthday balloon & card. He has had several calls this morning.
08/Feb/16 4:50 AM
I will be nice on my afternoon visit and take him a Blizzard but no cake this year.
08/Feb/16 4:51 AM
08/Feb/16 4:56 AM
I am with Kathy, my team is not in the Super Bowl. It is a toss up Manning winning which might be his last, or Panthers winning their first.
08/Feb/16 4:57 AM
DoA, that was hilarious! Can easily identify with that!
08/Feb/16 4:57 AM
Hello Sharon, nice to hear your husband is doing good. Mine is still doing rehab.
08/Feb/16 4:58 AM
Need that laugh, had a rough night. I guess someone is getting better and now is onto the b!tchy state. All I can do to smile and continue on but it's rather difficult when you're sleepy as heck. I have visions of pushing that someone off a cliff!
08/Feb/16 4:59 AM
Looks like an interesting place.
08/Feb/16 6:12 AM
Sorry about the lack of puzzles and unexcused absence. It's been busy here with colds, activities and a baby girl who has just enough mobility to get herself into trouble but not enough to go anywhere planed.
08/Feb/16 6:14 AM
My teams aren't in the Superbowl either. Hubby and I are both rooting for the Broncos but for different reasons. I would like to see Manning win one more. Hubby is the President of the 'Anyone but Cam Newton Anti fan club'.
08/Feb/16 6:16 AM
Should I try for a CP and a page turn?
08/Feb/16 6:17 AM
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