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Hard Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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oohh... first to post a comment... maybe thats lucky? i need the luck, thats for sure...
Found that one fairly easy.
Don't understand the X-wing for solving the hard puzzles - any advice? I looked at the proofs, but didn't really follow!! I'm just being dim I think.
4:34 very easy for a hard...
Interesting pic for the day.
who is the lucky guy?
digfferent solving puzzle pic
18:18 Amber is that photo of your wedding?

Slogan of the Day:

'Advice for Teenagers, leave home now while you know everything!'
6:14 too easy for a hard! This was more a medium puzzle
OOps - the kitten decided to help by standing on the keyboard. Andre - I should post your advice in a prominent place here -having four of the 'know-alls' around the place!
Harriet, try this:
Don't think you needed xwing for this one, box/line and pairs worked well today. Need xwing or swordfish for the tough, though
10:26 - but got distracted, putting out pumpkins and stringing cob webs...
9.20 One of my best times in Hard. Puzzle was easy, just the mouse finger is slow.
Hi Sweetie,
Thanks for that - I'll have a look!
Eric Estrada? Is that you?
Easier than medium. 12:34 nothing to brag about but can't resist to be in the first 20 comments. Congrats all gals & guys with sharp brains, nimble fingers and responsive mice!
9:20, faster than medium?
interesting pic.
did i miss lisa's baby's picture?
Is that Gath? I wish some of these pic would have captions.
4.19 my best time for a hard. Who are the couple? Is that wedding still on, my hormone is all excited about her orange outfit and going somewhere tropical has me going. QRP do you need a machiavellian puppet master to stand in the shadows behind your throne? Ever a popular position for certain types.
Gath and Kim? Let us know!!
21.06.. how can you guys do this at less than 5 minutes? Don't you tick Allow incorrect moves?
4.26 - I allow incorrect moves, but remove possibilities automatically. Not cheating - just quicker!
5:34, back from shopping for Hallowee candy. 3 1/2 hours before the little trick or treaters come. It lasts from 6p - 8p. We will be setting up our fire pit on the driveway (to keep warm) and enjoy the night seeing all the excited kids. MydogMydog(AG) 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO More...
10:48 I'll never get the hang of these!once i hit hard and tough suduko i start to flounder.I do a printout,write the possibilities in each box,start the timer and start using box/line reduction,and pair test.Where am i going wrong? is there a way of making this less laborious?
For those of you who don't know it, I can sing Solo, so low you can't hear me. LOL
Is anyone going to 'fess up to being the subject of this photo?
12:12 getting better!
11:39 5:30 to set up and the rest to solve. I also allow 'remove possibilities' as it does make it a lot quicker. Captions to the pics is a great idea - may the Powers That Be take this to heart.
Did it in 3:01 {{yawn}}...to the tough one now...
10:56 - A personal best AND better than medium today!
16.41 - Need a left hand mouse -
Don't bother trying to get anything sensible out of an Australian today, they will be too busy pondering the winner of the Melbourne Cup! Seriously though, it's a fun day and a bit light-hearted relief in a busy world.
Andre - that's one of my favourite sayings. I was going through a stage with my first Gruff a few years ago, moaning to a girlfriend, and she found that in a magazine, cut it out, and stuck in on the fridge for Gruff1. Also privately gave him another clipping that said 'The world doesn't owe you a More...
6:27 - I think this is my best score for 'hard' so far.
8:50 This pic worries me. I think he's going to poke her in the nose.
Hmmm...not my wedding, but thanks for reminding André -- I haven't submitted it yet!! Oops :)
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