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Medium Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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First again!
Guess that makes me second
7:42(pathetic)One of the toughest mediums i've done yet.A happy Halloween to all!the spooks will be knocking on my door for sweets in a couple of hours!I never opt for trick(don't fancy cleaning egg off my windows}.I loved halloween as a kid!!!
5:34 ouch! where is everybody? this is my sane adult chat time...
no puzzle up yet
hi lisa hows Liam today
hey joe! he's hungry... as usual. have started to call him my little hippo. time change wrecked havoc on his slowly emerging 'schedule'
4:19 I think the new puzzle now comes up at 9a for me and I am usually walking then. I don't walk on Tuesday and Thursday though. Going shopping in a bit to buy candy for tonight.
hit the start button, but it didn't engage - ah well! Lisa I had two 'Buddah babies' - 14lb by 2 months. Be thankful, maybe that's why he's sleeping at night so well.

Happy Halloween everyone!
shocking time and it has at least 4 numbers!

Thought for the Day:

Wouldn't a self-addressed envelope be addressed 'Envelope'?
The Empire Butterfly we have lots of them here 4:39
The Empire Butterfly we have lots of them here 4:39 when is Halloween any way??
6:56 Halloween is Oct 31: today!
I thought it was a Monarch butterfly.
oops!! my bad you are right!! The site for them is in around the Empire Valley Zoo here in Trinidad. It is the Monarch butterfly. we still have a lot of them here though so there. pbsttt
Lizbaby4 we still tight though
11.28 I wonder if I will ever get any faster at this!
oh wow 11:32 thats a really long time for me........ must be sleeping still
19:18 but i didn't use any hints.
Found this a bit harder than most medium but times still improving. Have to go as grand mini gruff and grand mini hormone will be arriving as soon as it is dark (about 20 minutes) to scare me...
9:25, gosh! i'm getting slow on medium... on top of it, my first try ended up many mistakes; when i clicked show incorrect moves, i don't see any color differences; so had to reset everything and restart again (i never uncheck 'allow incorrect moves'.
Seemed pretty simple to me. Site needs better quality pictures!
Nearly time to take two sprogs (not that young) to Halloween party. Barely enough time to do the rest of the puzzles.
11:21, but icy this morning. Off to lunch with a sad friend.
A bit tough for medium.. good fun though. Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali!
hrishi: Back at ya! Happy Diwali!
Karo from Wales loved the grand mini gruff and hormone aahh! :)

see you all later
13:40 i never do mediums but i was bored
Lisa(C) how was lunch with your sad friend. I hope you were a comfort to them. Lisa(T), Liam can go just as he is. He is a model for baby clothes for one of your local stores. It works for me.
Thats a Monarch butterfly taken at the Brookside Garden near Washington DC...and that is the best quality that the up load would take...maybe when Garth get us to a better site the pictures will be better. Happy Halloween everyone!
people its 'Divali' thats celebrated here also thats tomorrow its also a public holiday
8:37-happy halloween/diwali everyone. We didn't get any trick or treaters last nihgt ;( Not a big thing here i guess.
21:12 on medium. Crikey
5:10 at 2nd attempt - 1st was a hopeless mismatch about 4 correct. I find that once you get a mistake you get a zillion of them (which isn't bad in a puzzle that only offers the chance for 70 odd. Just had to go back and insert the apostrophe, afraid of the queen.
trevene - halloween is celibrated on 31 oct. the name is a corruption of 'all hallows eve' and is the night before 'all souls day'
12.52 slipping backwards -
Donna, lunch with sad friend was actually good. We caught up with our colleg-age 'Hormones' and agreed that the tension in the house was better now. Beautiful day now that the ice has melted. Lousy time on medium.... yikes, the other hormone and gruff are now home. Better get off this site before they catch up with my addiction!
hello all that didnt see me in ezy...

hi lisa/liam - now come on lisa - out with the truth!! have your times gotten fater bcoz its really liam doing the puzzles??

happy halloween all!! also happy diwali

imagine the 2 in the same breath - one a festival of dark and one of lights!!!

trevene - how come its a pub hol in trinidad... many indians??
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