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Hard Sudoku for 11/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Thanks for the smile I was happy to get through it also. have a good one - I gotta get going on my day - I'll save the tough for later - I'm rushing to much. Mary
11/Jun/07 12:39 AM
What a pretty smile. Could this be a regular sudokuist?
11/Jun/07 12:51 AM
Beautiful, joyful smile, a Sunday morning blessing.
11/Jun/07 1:16 AM
10.01 really slow
11/Jun/07 1:21 AM
Nice smile!
11/Jun/07 1:25 AM
Good morning all. Have a great day. A truly happy smile to start the day.
11/Jun/07 1:40 AM
It is so good to see people smiling!
Thank you for your smile, whoever you are.
11/Jun/07 1:47 AM
This was tough enough for me today...Happy Sunday y'all!
11/Jun/07 1:51 AM
Who does that pretty smile (and face) belong to?
11/Jun/07 2:56 AM
7:58 Happy Sunday/Monday to everyone!
11/Jun/07 3:37 AM
11/Jun/07 4:34 AM
This really went smoothly for me. That isn't always the case with the hard puzzles! And what a nice friendly smile as a congratulations for solving the puzzle!
11/Jun/07 5:54 AM
Very nice shot of nice smile.
have a good maeN to all.
11/Jun/07 7:19 AM
11/Jun/07 7:34 AM
Inspiring win for Lewis Hamilton in the Canadian GP. What a drive! Glad that Kubica is OK after his amazing accident.
11/Jun/07 7:46 AM
who is the one with the wonderful smile?
11/Jun/07 9:02 AM
Somebody else on this site inspired me to do the hard without using possibilities. After a few days of getting part way through I finally made it. It does give the old brain a good workout!
11/Jun/07 9:16 AM
What a lovely smile! Enjoying a nice long weekend here, a friend from Raymond Island is staying here and I have lost countless brain cells to the red, and enjoyed saying goodbye to every one of them!
11/Jun/07 11:03 AM
6:31. Lovely smile! Enjoy the red Sue, that's my poison at the moment - it suits the cold weather!
11/Jun/07 11:14 AM
Hello to the smiling one! What a nice picture!
11/Jun/07 12:23 PM
What a joy to see a happy smiling face.
11/Jun/07 1:04 PM
Great smile. Forgot to pause whilst I dealt with babies and dinner!
11/Jun/07 6:57 PM
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