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Medium Sudoku for 11/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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hope you have a great day.
Where is Gdansk?
11/Jun/07 12:13 AM
I think it is in Poland, Angie
11/Jun/07 12:15 AM
I speeding through the puzzles - but with control - not cheating - I have to get my son's room in order - when he's away it seems to become the 'catch-all room' Mary
11/Jun/07 12:20 AM
Yes, it is in North Poland, Angie.
11/Jun/07 12:21 AM
11/Jun/07 12:21 AM
6:04 Lovely photo.
11/Jun/07 12:29 AM
Interesting statue. I wonder what he is aiming that spear at?
11/Jun/07 12:50 AM

Poseidon? Or Lech Walesa, aiming at Moscow?
11/Jun/07 12:58 AM
11/Jun/07 1:09 AM
Good morning all. Have a great day.
11/Jun/07 1:10 AM
Very interest picture of interest statue.Let us have more informations about it.
Nice mAen to all.
11/Jun/07 1:11 AM
Interesting to see that photo as we will be going to Gdansk in July as part of our Baltic cruise.
11/Jun/07 1:21 AM
Is that how local people tell about this statue of Poseidon?
11/Jun/07 1:22 AM
With the trident and all, I suppose that should be Poseidon? Rather younger looking than usually depicted, huh?????

Hot an humid here...duh...summer in Louisiana...should expect anything else! I can't WAIT for FALL!!! lol
11/Jun/07 1:22 AM
11/Jun/07 1:27 AM
Glad the 'medium' link seems to be working again.
11/Jun/07 2:14 AM
mAen! 2:33
Yes, I agree. Must be Poseidon. The trident is a giveaway.
11/Jun/07 2:28 AM
6:08 Terrible time. I knew my solving time for the easy puzzle (:58) was a fluke! Hot and humid here today, so I'm off to the beach on Jekyll Island!
11/Jun/07 3:19 AM
11/Jun/07 4:24 AM
Finally broke the 6 minute barrier. Argh, am I slow! Maybe this summer I'll have enough time to practice getting faster. And maybe an avatar and some smilies. If only I can grab my older son when he's not sailboat racing. Right, summer's is his busiest time. Soon he'll be somewhere out in the Pacific racing to Hawaii.
11/Jun/07 5:02 AM
Before Poland gained control of the city after WWII, Gdansk was part of East Prussia and known by its German name, Danzig. I always thought it ironic that the beginning of the end of East European communism should begin in a shipyard, when the workers dared to try to wrest control of the means of More...
11/Jun/07 6:02 AM
Could be Triton or a son of Poseidon, hence the younger appearance?

11/Jun/07 6:08 AM
So many places in the world, so great that we can share them through here.
11/Jun/07 7:27 AM
have no idea where it is?
11/Jun/07 8:52 AM
3:29 - must be close to my best medium time ever!
11/Jun/07 11:06 AM
Not only do we get to exercise our brains on the puzzles we get geography lessons as well, no wonder we are all hooked.
11/Jun/07 11:37 AM
11/Jun/07 3:19 PM
Maen all.
11/Jun/07 6:25 PM
Hi I think I must be spending too much time doing sudokus. Nothing else is getting done.
11/Jun/07 6:50 PM
2:52 I've never been to Poland. Maybe someday...
11/Jun/07 7:48 PM
Good Maen! 2.58 for me on this one. Neat statue
11/Jun/07 10:11 PM
Great thing Google

The Neptune statue and fountain, in bronze, created in 1549 is the symbol of Gdansk and stands proudly in Long Market (Dlugi Targ). The Poles hid the statue during their years of occupation and returned it to its rightful position when they reclaimed their freedom and independance.

Credit http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/1f7b9/79c0a/
11/Jun/07 10:43 PM
11/Jun/07 11:52 PM
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