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Hard Sudoku for 13/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Wonderful photo, Wendy! Looks like a great place for a hike.
13/Mar/10 12:08 AM
Just beautiful! What a great place to go exploring!
13/Mar/10 12:28 AM
9.21 Good afternoon.

13/Mar/10 12:57 AM
13/Mar/10 1:47 AM
13/Mar/10 3:10 AM
Australia's highest mountain. (2,228m or 7,310ft)
13/Mar/10 3:31 AM
So how do you pronounce that?
13/Mar/10 3:46 AM

Mr. K certainly did travel. He is also famous in both New York and New Jersey (for contributions to our revolution).

13/Mar/10 4:02 AM
Kos--skee-use-ko. Hooked on phonics ...
13/Mar/10 4:16 AM
maen all! here we are again in the blue/white mountains...grasshopper mentioned to me that a popular ski/hike resort is called "blue cow"...now that's a spot i could sit down for a few cold ones!
13/Mar/10 4:19 AM
1933 .05¢ US postage stamp

13/Mar/10 4:48 AM
Oooohhh ... a philanderer ... I mean philatelist amongst us ...
13/Mar/10 5:12 AM
Did you study at the Archie bunker school of big words, Judy?
13/Mar/10 6:28 AM
Nope, Jeb ... the Yogi Berra School of Literate Thought!
13/Mar/10 8:02 AM
11:51, a little slow this morning. The pronunciation is Coz-ee-oss-co (with the last syllable being pronounced as the "co" in "cove") - hooked on phonics got it wrong this time!
13/Mar/10 8:14 AM
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki once said that the correct Polish pronunciation would be koz-chew-sko!
13/Mar/10 12:33 PM
The traffic reporters in New York pronounce it both ways, the way "everyone" does and the way it is supposed to be pronounced, when they mention the tie up at the bridge. Now I guess I better look up what K did for or in Australia.
13/Mar/10 4:33 PM
We've done the walk up there, hubby and I did the 13k hike on our 30th wedding anniversary, 6 months after he had had a full knee replacement. His titanium came through great!!
13/Mar/10 7:00 PM
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