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Hard Sudoku for 15/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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have'nt done one yet just thought i try being first
crikey, what's up with the cat?
The cat has surrendered!! 4.48 for me. Nite
7:20...better than medium, what's up with that? Not having too mush luck with pics loading this am. Just getting a blank screen. Going to try the tough before it's time to play with my little one.
that's naughty Andre - not doing the puzzle first! At least I did that!
10.08 too slow. Fiona from France - did I hear you right? Did you say crikey??
18:54 hopelessly lossed in one column no way back
thats how i feel today.. 21:02 just blah.. must be the rain
Finished! First time solo.
I normally don't time myself on the hard or tough ones, but I should have today! Easy!
K. from Brissie - is that something I shouldn't have said?
no but it is a very aussie saying
sigh of relief - for a moment I thought I'd said a big bad word for you aussies! (re the fanny pack conversation of the other day!Had a good laugh at that)
2:11 okay, now the tough one {{{yawn}}}
8:00 best time yet, better than medium this morning!!! everyone have a great day!!!
10:21 - tough enough for me - now for the weekend!
Bucko from Spokane, Cmon Man stop lying and bragging! It takes more than 2:11 to insert numbers in the boxes let alone think what should be in it. Get attention somewhere. {{yawn}}
46:32 nice fat cat. Reminds me, I must go up to the market. Shame.
Mike, what are you having for dinner?????
12:05 That was the hardest 'hard' I've ever done. The stretching kitty at the end made it worth it though ^_^
09:36 still the only one from holland
Nice kitty!
14:57 ugh - and I thought I was being fast. Lily are you starting your weekend early?
8:48, one wrong guess.
Looks like a kitty rug! I'll have to send in a picture of mine (cat not rug!).
Interesting kitty (11:19)
can't do these hard ones without guessing at least once, any tips??? ( i hate to guess!!)

Again, I should be studying instead of lazing about doing this
hannie from holland, I might live in Devon but I'm dutch, dag. 13.43 no guessing, r from brampton try using 'this number is a possibility' it slow but a tried and tested method.
thanks R from Devon, have tried that, but u are right, it is slow, but i guess even using the 'possibility', guess i'm just not smart enough, but i still love the game!!
Can't believe I got through a 'hard' puzzle. I usually get so hung up that I run out of time for puzzling. Well, afternoon chores await. It was beautiful weather this morning, but starting to cloud over. Rain is predicted -- and is much welcome in my neck of the woods.
Did you go to NEIU back in the late 80's I might know you
Paws in the air and step away from the cat food!!
We have a cat buglar in our midst.R from Brampton
,click on proofs and then 'A solver',it will give u loads of info on how to work out definite answers.Gotta thank Sweetie once more for that priceless info! farewell sudukoists.
12:49...slow. Gorgeous here!! 70F on Oct. 14. Should be outside enjoying it tho...
Fiona, 'crikey' is the the famous saying from a man called Steve Irwin, he owns Australia Zoo. He is known as the crocodile hunter. He is well known for saying 'crikey' instead of swearing, especially when feeding crocks and coming close to getting bitten. Example ' CRIKEY! Isn't she a little beauty!!'
Andre - where's the joke?

Did you hear about the man who couldn't work out where the sun went every night? One morning he got up, and it just dawned on him.
5:31...not bad at all
for gramma
17:38, using remove possibilities and occasional 'check answers' to make sure I haven't mis-clicked (I've been having a lot of problems with the interface.)
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