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Tough Sudoku for 15/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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13:19 (~4:00 to setup the numbers.. the rest to solve)
same as 09/12.
7.37 very happy
Personal best for a tough for me...11:13. Time to start the day and play, play, play. Being a stay home mommie is soooooo much fun. Good day to all!!
hi everyone on tough -we have a little more breathing room here. A couple of guesses again. I'm not using timer anymore on hard or tough just trying to do it right.
19:70.. better than the hard .. i surrender to that cat
3:15 nothing else to do... to bed {{{{yawn}}}}
ugh, got on a roll, then had two of the same number in a row... sigh... had to redo. Glad my guess the 2nd time worked! Lil, I didn't get a cat, I got a pyramid
sorry hit enter too fast----too high to post!!!
The G'ould are coming! The G'ould are coming!
I dont think the G'ould could do it faster
I'm stuck. :<


Can anyone tell me how to proceed? I don't see any more hidden sets or anything else to eliminate...

I don't want a solution, though - I want to know how to take a single next step. tia! :)

with one good guess. It must've been easy cause I'm not that good.
Meh, one lucky guess in r1c2 and I'm not stuck anymore, but... still, any suggestions on how _not_ to guess in that above situation?
In that scenario, cJw, in the bottom right 9x9 block, you've got two that say 2,4. That means that one of them is a 2, and the other one is a 4. What that tells you for sure is that none of the other potentials in that block can be a 2 or a 4, so eliminate them, leaving you two that say 1,6 as well. i'm not sure if that would get you any new 'for certains' right off the bat, but it's another move.
16:39 with a couple of guesses...sigh
Egads - I can't believe I missed that, plong - thx for taking the time to look @ it. You've confirmed to me that I _can_ handle the toughies. :p

Now, then, to work on confidence, and then on speed. :grin:
Also, you 've got an erroneous potential in the middle top block, there can be no potential seven in the middle position, because they give you a 7 in the bottom of that column. that's all i got for now. 4's and 6's are ruling this puzzle, it seems. good luck
26:42 oh my gosh what are we coming to?
take a look at colum 6 row 4, you are missing a possibility
took me nearly as long as it took them to build those darned pyramids!
wow, almost got through until I hit check moves, ouch.
Hi, I've put on my sandbox (http://brunogreco.free.fr/bazar/sudoku/)a rapid proof of yesterday's (automatically derived from 09/24 proof). If anyone finds courage enough to reread it (typos always possible), I would be very thankful and should be able to product such proofs any time a puzzle is equivalent to an already published one (as today's).
Hey Bucko, is that 3 hours 15 mins.? JK!
Warren, what or who is a G'ould? Maybe I'm just a youngster.
row 2 columns 4,7,8 have the set 246 elimnate them. Yes, there are some eliminations not done.
StarGate...great SciFi TV series. Gives new meaning to myth! Was first a movie with Kurt Russell.
Great pic! Beats all those bloody pets...
23:23...why did I even bother to time it? I agree with you, andre from england.
Same request than above for today's. Thanks in advance.
6:10....there is a system to it...
once you get it it becomes easy
elizabeth - i still don't get all the system. llike i've said before... i'm a lost cause.
Dusty Trails i don't see how you eliminate that 246. is it one of those xwing or swordfish thingy's that i can't get my head around anyways?
i couldn't even get as far as cJw. don't how you figure out the 5 & 7 in the bottom box. don't worry about me gb!
unless i guess of course! but that would be too easy
there's 5 numbers that cJw has that i don't yet and they all follow on from each other
Yikes..... Keep hitting the wrong button. Well am proud to say I am the winner. For the worst time that is....... 39:15. Either a new brain or more coffee is required.
1:09:52 sorry IS. i beat you!
and had help from all the aids and the sandbox and my son.
will i even be able to do it on my own?!!??
i'll just keep trying but today was my last for a long time on tough as i go back to work on monday and won't be able to spend much time on it. not over an More...
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