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Hard Sudoku for 15/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Mar/10 12:22 AM
6:14 Hello to all. Fabulous tree.
15/Mar/10 1:25 AM
Interesting gnarly tree. Thanks, Wendy. Regarding the "correct" pronunciation of Kosciuszko, which came up the last time Wendy sent us a photo of this mountain, only the Polish/Lithuanians know for sure. Spellings vary, too. Dropping of the "z" isn't unusual in North More...
15/Mar/10 1:38 AM
Wendy - wonderful tree - so beautiful against the rock.
15/Mar/10 3:12 AM
maen all! ...and here i thought that gums were semi-tropical trees...this guy is a lot like the bristlecone pines of the high sierra and rockies!
15/Mar/10 3:12 AM
15/Mar/10 3:23 AM
That is an interesting tree. Are they good for anything? Surely they must have a purpose!

Sweetphotatoes - Thanks for the info!
15/Mar/10 3:36 AM
Debby, Do you use any liniments or vaporizing oils that have eucalyptus oil? They come from the oils produced by eucalyptus trees, of which this is one species. On the other hand, does a tree have to be "good" for anything? Is a lilac or a pansy or a rose really good for anything?
15/Mar/10 3:59 AM
15/Mar/10 5:58 AM
I'm on fire this morning 6.08
15/Mar/10 7:46 AM
Well said Bev,if we didn't have trees we would all be blown off the face of this planet.
15/Mar/10 8:01 AM
From Wikipedia:
The traditional English pronunciation of Kosciuszko is /kɒziːˈɒskoʊ/, but the pronunciation /kɒˈʃʊʃkoʊ/ is now sometimes used,[3] which is substantially closer to the Polish pronunciation [kɔɕˈt​͡ɕuʂkɔ] (listen).

You can listen by clicking on that last word if you are More...
15/Mar/10 10:27 AM
15/Mar/10 12:05 PM
These are very lovely trees with their smooth white striped trunks, and are homes to a whole host of creatures, as well as providing shelter for brumbys, and a canopy for lower growing plants. But, I agree with Bev, that trees just are, and don't really need a purpose.
15/Mar/10 1:38 PM
BTW Wendy, nice shot, and it made a great hard jigsaw!!!
15/Mar/10 2:09 PM
7:42. Hi all.
15/Mar/10 6:50 PM
17/Mar/10 1:43 AM
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