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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating
15/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people!
15/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
15/Mar/10 12:00 AM
I wasn't going to celebrate Mother's Day until mid-May, but I don't mind telling my Mom and my Mother in Law and my children how much I love and appreciate them.
15/Mar/10 12:01 AM
15/Mar/10 12:01 AM
(Too bad none of them read the comments here on the Sudoku page.)
15/Mar/10 12:02 AM
Um, it's not my birthday, is it? No, I don't think so. Not for another month and a half ... But thanks, Gail, for being the first to send birthday greetings. Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?
15/Mar/10 12:04 AM
hehe I may be organised in some ways Plum, but certainly not THAT organised!!!
Make sure to remind us about your birthday when it does come around, because no one will remember without our trusty(?) reminder!
15/Mar/10 12:07 AM
Easiest Easy ever!

Is it REALLY Plum's birthday? It says nothing about it on the side.
15/Mar/10 12:07 AM
Oh, I didn't realize - that it is Mothering Day in the UK -- today is my Mother's Birthday -- She passed away last May - so this is our first year without her on her Birthday -- touching that it's Mother's Day somewhere - I think she had it planned
15/Mar/10 12:07 AM
Is Mothering's Day for us who are "Mother Hens" - I'm trying to not be so "Mothering" to my 1 adult son and also adult but still a teenager son --- yes, you can feed yourself, pay for things yourself, etc, etc,
15/Mar/10 12:09 AM
Plum, If you are on Gail friend's list - she may of mistaken it for the birthday list - I did that to Kathy one time.
15/Mar/10 12:10 AM
It did Heidi, Plum has obviously corrected it.

So, a very Merry UNbirthday to all, and a goodnight from me.

Mary, that first year is the hardest. Thoughts to you on this, your mother's birthday.
15/Mar/10 12:11 AM
Silly me, that's exactly what it was, Mary.
15/Mar/10 12:12 AM
You're far from the first person to do that, Gail, and you won't be the last.
15/Mar/10 12:19 AM
Every day you look at my current avatar you can see my birthday in the top line: 4 (April) 29.

The 61 is for 1961, so I'll be 49 this year.

The 5 is for 5 people in my household.

I couldn't think of anything meaningful for the numbers 3, 4 and 7. Plus I needed a place (like little Jack Horner) to put a plum.
15/Mar/10 12:20 AM
Well, I've gotta go get ready for church. It's a potluck after the service today, so I have my "Scarborough Stew" meal in the crockpot.

I did a Medieval Fest one time and had a huge cast iron pot to fill with stew. I wanted to avoid all "new world" veggies so I came up More...
15/Mar/10 12:29 AM
1:48 Good evening all. Three cute little cousins.
15/Mar/10 12:33 AM
2:03 Hello to all. Sweet little things.

Thought for the Day:

I must go and wake my nails up they have been lying in their beds all day...
15/Mar/10 1:12 AM
I agree Heida easy 1-9 puzzle. Since I have missed an hour of sleep it has put me late today. Out for the rest of the day, have fun with your day. Happy Mothers Day André and anyone else who is is the correct spot of the world.
15/Mar/10 1:41 AM
Good Morning. Happy 'Mother's Day' to those celebrating.
15/Mar/10 2:22 AM
Plum, we will always remember your birthday now you have explained your avatar.
15/Mar/10 2:23 AM
Is it time?
15/Mar/10 2:27 AM
Congrats, June!
...now on to the puzzle (it was on #20 when I signed on, so I HAD to try!)
15/Mar/10 2:28 AM
Uh, Plum ... you were going to take rum pie to church? That would sure liven things up in the Fellowship Hall!
15/Mar/10 2:31 AM
To those celebrating...
Happy Mother's Day,
15/Mar/10 2:32 AM
If the church exchanged rum for wine or grape juice for communion, I'll bet you'd get a lot more men to attend.
15/Mar/10 2:36 AM
"Thank you for the rum pie....Amen"
15/Mar/10 2:38 AM
Geez! It's almost lunch time already...where does the time go?
15/Mar/10 2:41 AM
Right, Jane ... a guy's thoughts ...

I'll pass on the beef stew,
bean casserole I'll let lie.
Deviled eggs do nothing for me.
Lemme at the rum pie!
15/Mar/10 2:45 AM
I'll second that, Kathy. I love rum pie. Unfortuately, today is a semi-fast day for me. I overdid it yesterday on our shopping excursion to Jacksonville. We had fried grouper and shrimp in Fernandina Beach for lunch, then, after shopping, took some friends to dinner at a fantastic restaurant More...
15/Mar/10 2:45 AM
Oops! I forgot about the perfectly sautéed croutons in my salad. Yep! It was pretty much the best salad I've ever had.
15/Mar/10 2:47 AM
I am trying to divert my thoughts from Plum's rum pie....
15/Mar/10 2:48 AM
Good Maen all!
Perfect puzzle picture for those celebrating Mother's Day!
15/Mar/10 2:55 AM
What an adorable picture and what lucky cousins!!!!

Good Morning to everyone! I think I am getting older, for I don't like this time change, but we did make it to Church on time!
15/Mar/10 2:55 AM
Our snow really melted yesterday. Most of it is gone. My husband saw a Robin earlier today. Yes, Spring is in the air!
15/Mar/10 2:58 AM
1:42 as easy as pi on 3.14 !
15/Mar/10 3:10 AM
Oh yummmmmy!!!! All this talk about food and I am not hungry, but it sure sounds good! I love to eat grouper!

Have a great day/night everyone!
15/Mar/10 3:57 AM
Good afternoon to all! Those three look like they got caught in the middle of planning some mischievous activity! "When our Mom's start drinking wine, let's sneak out and pull the cat's tail."
15/Mar/10 4:04 AM
Does anyone else get paranoid thinking about what might have or did happen during that hour many of us lost last night? Just think of all the things that can be accomplished in an hour. Scary. I wonder what really went on???
15/Mar/10 4:08 AM
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