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Hard Sudoku for 16/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I would have guessed Easter Island.
16/Jun/08 12:22 AM
HT - agree
16/Jun/08 12:36 AM
6:11 to you all.

There seems to be an error in the script on this page that displays the photo caption. I had to restart Firefox to kill the damn thing.
16/Jun/08 2:14 AM

My first guess would have been Easter Island, too. Until I looked closely.
Who is the photographer, and where is Broken Hill?
16/Jun/08 3:06 AM
maen all! happy father's day! tiki guy,too!
16/Jun/08 3:23 AM
Works for me Jim - with Firefox too.
16/Jun/08 4:26 AM
all... Could be in Vancouver to... but a bit dark to see properly ...have to wait for morning!
16/Jun/08 4:29 AM
Broken Hill is in South East Australia, about 700 miles west of Sydney. Hey, where are all you Aussies helping out Heidi?
16/Jun/08 4:31 AM
Broken Hill is in State of New South Wales Australia
16/Jun/08 4:31 AM
Roger you beat me by a few seconds
16/Jun/08 4:31 AM
Well... this photo was not from Vancouver ...you may want to visit this site to find out about Broken Hill sculpture
16/Jun/08 5:48 AM
9:45 Hi to all. Lovely shot.
16/Jun/08 7:25 AM
OK I've just penciled in Broken Hill Sculptures on my list of places of interest to visit when we do the big tour, hopefully next year.
16/Jun/08 8:40 AM
Danstell... I googled Broken Hill Sculpture Symposium and found out a lot about them, including many pictures. VERY impressive.
16/Jun/08 9:01 AM
Broken Hill is in far western NSW (north west of Sydney) almost at the border of NSW & South Australia & approximately half way between the Queensland/NSW & NSW/Victorian borders! Distances from State capitals: Melbourne 836km/519miles, Canberra 925km/575M,Sydney 1116km/694M, Brisbane More...
16/Jun/08 12:59 PM
Thanks for the link, Danstell. I've bookmarked it!
16/Jun/08 1:01 PM
11.46 Fascinating
16/Jun/08 7:13 PM
I'll remember that one, 11:11! (without possibilities)

We did the Broken Hill pilgrimage a couple of years ago, and it even rained while we were there. Much to the disgust of our two sons we did the sculpture and art tours, but I don't remember this particular piece.
16/Jun/08 9:20 PM
Broken Hill is about 4hrs drive north of here and I still haven't been there we might meet up there Grass-hopper you never know.
16/Jun/08 10:17 PM
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