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Easy Sudoku for 16/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Jun/08 12:01 AM



Relax, have fun and sing along with:

16/Jun/08 12:01 AM

16/Jun/08 12:04 AM
Good Morning, everyone!
16/Jun/08 12:04 AM
to all Sudokuland Dads!
16/Jun/08 12:05 AM
Once more with the Mother-Daughter look-alike contest in case someone missed it and wants to participate. Tomorrow is the deadline, (June 16th in the US). Again, let me know if you voted, I'm keeping a tally for the girls so they can enjoy all the votes from all around the world.

The wife More...
16/Jun/08 12:07 AM
Canuk Greg even went so far as to enlist the help of his friends and neighbors.......hmmmmmm?
16/Jun/08 12:09 AM
The Shadows are tracking On the Beach... umm - must have been watching too many old movies.

Jeb - enjoy your father's day.
16/Jun/08 12:17 AM
If I was that tall I would be at my idea weight. Of course, I do have to admit, I have lost the 1 lb what was blocking my weight loss program and how have new goals to work toward. Overcast today, after a heavy storm passing though early this morning. Mary
16/Jun/08 12:22 AM
Hi all again! I was the last post for yesterday so I send it again :URGENCY - a friend of ours has got a one-year-old baby girl who's got a very rare leucemia and a rare blood group, A-. We haven't got enough blood givers at the moment in France especially for rare groups of course and this baby needs a giver within 2 months. If you can do anything, it would be WONDERFUL!
16/Jun/08 12:32 AM
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers and grandfathers! A day for celebration and remembrance. Enjoy the day.
16/Jun/08 12:32 AM
Claude - may some one be found soon for her. I can't help with the blood, but can with prayers as all of us can.
16/Jun/08 12:39 AM
Speaking of prayers - time to get ready for Church.
16/Jun/08 12:40 AM
Mary I agree with you-- I would have no weight concerns if I were that tall!!hmmmm--- maybe I could figure out a way to stretch myself! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and GrandFathers
16/Jun/08 1:03 AM
Claude, I am so sorry-- I hadn't read through all of the posts. We will definitely keep this little one in our prayers that enough donors will be found for her.
16/Jun/08 1:05 AM
every one
I came back from Florida , after having the best days in this trip which i am enjoying very much , i just want to wish you all the chance to meet two of the most wonderful people i've ever met .I felt that i have known them for all my life
Karen chalkboard
Kathy from Valrico
16/Jun/08 1:16 AM
2:00 to you all.


Claude, I hope this poor young thing makes it through. Such a tough way to start out life.
16/Jun/08 1:58 AM
every one
Happy father's day......
16/Jun/08 2:48 AM
Got a full nights (and all mornings) sleep and have a better outlook today.

Claude, I wish I could help..... I'm O+ and don't know anyone who is A-.

I love the picture. I'd love to look that thin. Somebody had a lot of fun with this shot.
16/Jun/08 2:48 AM
if'n you wate long enuff of a evening, a 5' 3" 400# fast food addik can make a thin shado to
16/Jun/08 3:15 AM
hee hee i seen one of them tother day and said to my buddy do they give them names or just put a numbered ear tag on em
16/Jun/08 3:20 AM
Maureen from Dubbo

& Happy Father's Day to ALL fathers everywhere!!

Im feeling sad today for all the families who must get through this day without their fathers, especially the family of renowned commentator Tim Russert & the family of the driver of a fuel truck killed in a horrible accident on I-75. He was buried yesterday & left behind 6 children.
16/Jun/08 3:25 AM
16/Jun/08 3:25 AM
JEB, About voting for your friends.

I got another vote in from same computer ( on a different day ) , by using a different ISP with a different screen name and all, to get there. If others have different ISPs and names, that might work for them to help stuff this ballot box!
16/Jun/08 4:05 AM
How can something so tiny, cause such havoc and time wasting. To see the answer visit my page to see the newest member of our household. I have got nothing done all day.
Now he wants to learn computer skills!!!
16/Jun/08 5:05 AM
Clever picture.

I've taken my topless "Posing with statues" picture, but can't post it until I get back home. Stay tuned.
16/Jun/08 5:22 AM
Keith - Heaven help us! Have a Happy Father's Day.

Back from Church - Off on an afternoon of wine tasting! Back later.
16/Jun/08 6:06 AM
I'm up! The third time today! First time was 3 AM so that I could get on the school district's server to input report card grades. The same server does our payroll and that was a shamble that took the district a year to straighten out. Now it won't let us go on-line to do the report card grade More...
16/Jun/08 6:09 AM
The second time up was to celebrate Fathers' day with my extended family, a breakfast at 7. Came home and crashed on my bed. Finally up at 12 PM. Oh what a day and it's only halfway through!
16/Jun/08 6:11 AM
HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to all fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, big brothers, and significant others who have been there for children! As a student of mine wrote,
"Dear Daddy, Thank you for being my wonderful Dad! Love, your Munchkin"
16/Jun/08 6:14 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Maureen!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
16/Jun/08 6:15 AM
One more for a cp and then off to get caught with the day!
16/Jun/08 6:16 AM
Anyone what's been happening in my corner of the world should check out the following links. We are finally drying out up here, but those in the southern half of the state have not been so lucky.


and this one has a More...
16/Jun/08 6:23 AM
GannieMo - that is some baby you have there. My little tiger cat was name Ticonderoga - Ti for a nickname. Ticonderoga was the site of a major revolutionary war battle. Ti was so lively that it took a major battle to even slow him down. Looks much like him.
16/Jun/08 6:24 AM
Geez. That should be anyone *wondering* what's been ...
16/Jun/08 6:24 AM
Keith - nothing like building anticipation!!
16/Jun/08 6:25 AM
Oh Angie, you poor people! Mother Nature has not been kind to you for a year now. Flooding to record snowfall to flooding again. And here we are looking at water shortages and trying to look a water loss prevention. Not fair is it? The weak La Niña is wreaking havoc almost to the breakdown level. But we won't let it break us cuz we've got each other, right?
16/Jun/08 6:41 AM
Jeb - You can count a Scottish vote in there.
16/Jun/08 6:41 AM
yeesh! "look to a water loss prevention program" Better go back to bed!
16/Jun/08 6:42 AM
Jimmy the Monty Python avatar
16/Jun/08 6:43 AM
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