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Hard Sudoku for 19/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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4:41 Maen! Nice setting for the photo... and brings to mind 'Lions and tigers and bears... oh my!' :)
19/Apr/07 12:18 AM
Not quite paradise to me, but a lovely photo nonetheless. Enjoy your day/night, everyone.
19/Apr/07 12:29 AM
Looks like it
19/Apr/07 12:31 AM
Easy puzzle today, no possibilities needed!
19/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Could this be looking out someones back door?

I had a stare-down with a deer in my backyard this morning. I was waiting to see if they were going to nibble on plants.
19/Apr/07 1:24 AM
Where's Tarzan & Jane?
19/Apr/07 1:36 AM
Lovely sun-lit glade. Where is 'Paradise'? There's a town in northern California with that name.
19/Apr/07 2:29 AM
You keep staring those deer down, Debby, and tell them to stay out of the road too. My son hit one last month and both deer and car got it bad. Son is OK though :)
19/Apr/07 2:41 AM
Is this the PARADISE?????
What is the HELL ?????
19/Apr/07 3:00 AM
8:48; the caption doesn't quite work for me though am reminded of the Robert Frost gem 'The woods are lonely...'
19/Apr/07 4:25 AM
This is a beautiful, quiet-looking place.
19/Apr/07 4:42 AM
Snow covered ANYTHING isn't paradise for me right now. But hey, at least we aren't in drought.
19/Apr/07 5:46 AM
Not sure if it's the light shining on leaves or light snow. Bit gloomy for my idea of Paradise.
19/Apr/07 6:30 AM
19/Apr/07 6:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! Interesting concept of Paradise. Always thought there would be more sunshine.
19/Apr/07 7:08 AM

This must be where the fairies gather. Delightful!
19/Apr/07 7:09 AM
I agree with you Greg, more sunshine, sandy beaches, girls in bikinis and cold beer (not necessarily in that order).
19/Apr/07 8:30 AM
Really, everyone has his own feeling what paradise would look like...
For me it looks more like a woods from Old Good Russian Fairy Tale with the house of an Old Witch somewhere there and a Dragon, and a lot of magic and of course a very happy end with a wedding.
19/Apr/07 9:06 AM
Ro/Michigan - My husband hit a deer with his motorcycle two years ago. He was a lucky man. He came out of it with a few scrapes and 5 broken ribs. (1977 BMW) The bike went down on one side, came up, and went down on the other side. Both sides were damaged. The deer had to be shot. One year More...
19/Apr/07 9:18 AM
not what I think paradise looks like .... but to each his own.
19/Apr/07 9:18 AM
Good evening all! The picture is too dark to really see it on my computer. It looks like a nice place to hike though.
19/Apr/07 10:10 AM
I hope paradise will be a little warmer...I m sure hell it is so
19/Apr/07 11:17 AM
My first thought was I had better bring extra light to Paradise. Not sure how well I could navigate in the shade.
19/Apr/07 12:38 PM
7:44 I wonder how long they were wandering through that would before they came upon that sunny glade?
19/Apr/07 3:27 PM
It is a shame we don't know for whom it is paradise but it is not my idea of paradise
19/Apr/07 6:27 PM
4.46. Gud maEn all.
19/Apr/07 6:54 PM
11:23 Hi to all.

Paradise: heaven or any environment that is ultimately pleasurable, make mine a dry white wine please...
19/Apr/07 7:08 PM
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